Presentations of the ALERT Doctoral School 2018

ALERT Doctoral School 2018
4th-6th October 2018, Aussois, France
“Energetical methods in geomechanics”

Day 1: Theoretical Background

  • Basic thermodynamic definitions (Mario Liu, University of Tübingen)
  • Definition and uses of virtual power (Ioannis Stefanou, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, IFSTTAR, CNRS)
  • Energetics in granular media from the viewpoint of DEM (François Guillard, University of Sydney)
  • Landau’s approach for advanced thermodynamics (Mario Liu, University of Tübingen)

 Day 2: Examples and Applications

  • Hierarchal derivation of constitutive relationships using thermodynamics (Itai Einav, University of Sydney)
  • Energetical background of common approaches (Eleni Gerolymatou, Chalmers University of Technology)
  • Multiphysics and multicomponent applications (Manolis Veveakis, Duke University)
  • From Fracture to Breakage Mechanics (Yida Zhang, University of Colorado)

Day 3

  •  Round table BYO