ALERT Workshop


  1. Energy Geomechanics. Jean-Michel PEREIRA, Diego MANZANAL and Carlos SANTAMARINA
  2. Special Session on Extraterrestrial Geomechanics. Pierre DELAGE and Felipe PRADA
  3. Anisotropy in geomaterials: theory, experiments and modelling. Eleni GEROLYMATOU, Cino VIGGIANI and Angelo AMOROSI


  1. Mechanics of Hard Soils – Soft Rocks. Nadia BENAHMED, Elma CHARALAMPIDOU and Claudia VITONE
  2. Special Session on Robot-Ground Interaction. Raul FUENTES and Itai EINAV
  3. Multi-field approach of gravity-driven disasters in a global climate change context. François NICOT, Florence MAGNIN, Stéphane LAMBERT and Francesco CALVETTI


  1. Forecasting landslide displacement. Sabatino Cuomo, Jean Vaunat and Núria M. Pinyol
  2. Special Session on Machine learning and Geomechanics. Ioannis Stefanou and Félix Darve
  3. Bridging the gap between experiments and modelling: from laboratory testing to material models prediction. Béatrice Baudet, Federica Cotecchia and Cristina Jommi


Because of the pandemic, no workshops took place in 2020.


  1. Upscaling in Geotechnical Engineering (70th anniversary of Roberto Nova). Claudio di Prisco, Cristina Jommi, Claudio Tamagnini
  2. The mechanics of root-soil systems: from microscopic to macroscopic approaches. Evelyne Kolb, Luc Sibille
  3. Computational methods in snow and avalanche release mechanics. Johan Gaume, Pascal Hagenmuller, François Nicot, Guillaume Chambon


  1. Fluid flow and strain localization: fingering and fracture processes in partially saturated materials. Francesca Casini, Giulio Sciarra, Jean Vaunat
  2. Geomaterials under the nanoscope. Roland Pellenq, Farhang Radjai, Franz Josef Ulm
  3. Offshore Geotechnics. Ken Gavin, Federico Pisanò, Gudmund Eiksund


  1. Porous Media Mechanics from geomaterials to non-geological media. William G. Gray, Bernhard Schrefler, Claudio Tamagnini
  2. Must Critical State Theory for Granular Mechanics be Revisited? Yannis F. Dafalias, Cino Viggiani
  3. Advanced numerical modelling of geomaterials with emphasis on large deformation and flow problems. Michael A. Hicks, Pablo Mira, Lorenzo Sanavia


  1. New trends in micromechanical approaches of Particulate Materials. Minna Karstunen, Nadia Benahmed, Mahdia Hattab
  2. Mechanics of multiphase porous media in modelling cementitious materials. Lorenzo Sanavia, Francesco Pesavento, Matthieu Briffaut
  3. Geomechanics of faults, from earthquake nucleation to landslides. Manolis Veveakis, Klaus Regenauer-Lieb, Ioannis Stefanou, Jean Sulem


  1. From discrete methods to continuum methods. Yannis Dafalias, Luc Sibille and Edward Andò
  2. How should we teach geomechanics? Cino Viggiani and Ivo Herle
  3. Fracturing and fractured reservoirs. Euripides Papamichos, Helen Lewis, Gary Couples


  1. Constitutive modelling: what’s new? Claudio di Prisco, Roberto Nova
  2. Railway Geomechanics. Antonis Zervos, Farhang Radjai
  3. Multiphysics coupling. Robert Charlier, Lorenzo Sanavia, Jean Vaunat


  1. Geomechanics of slopes. Claudio di Prisco, Leonardo Cascini
  2. Contact problems in geomechanics. Euripides Papamichos, Jean Sulem
  3. Degradation in geomaterials. Erich Bauer, Ali Daouadji, Christophe Dano


  1. Micromechanics and critical steady states in geomaterials. Yannis Dafalias, Bruno Chareyre
  2. Geomechancis of underground structures. David Mašín, Claudio Tamagnini
  3. Geomechanics for Energy Production. Lyesse Laloui, Helen Lewis


  1. Multi-Scale Geomechanics: From Fabric to Material Properties. Gary Couples, Bruno Chareyre
  2. Geomechanical issues in CO2 storage. Gilles Pijaudier-Cabot, Jean-Michel Pereira
  3. Localized versus diffuse failure in geomaterials. Michael Hicks, Gioacchino Viggiani


  1. Engineering geostructures. Antonio Gens, Ivo Herle
  2. Mechanics of clay rocks. Robert Charlier, Pierre Bésuelle
  3. Chemo and bio mechanical couplings. Jian-fu, Benoit Garitte


  1. Modelling of natural hazard and vulnerability of structures in Geomechanics. M.Pastor, P.Kotronis
  2. Geomechanics at small scale. D.Muir Wood, P.Delage
  3. Erosion in Geomaterials. I.Varoulakis, S.Bonelli


  1. Multiphisycs of multiphase materials. E.Papamichos, L.Sanavia
  2. Field and laboratory testing. P.Delage, M.Arroyo
  3. Localisation in Geomaterials. J.Desrues, A.Zervos


  1. Geomechanics of Structured Materials. L. Laloui, V. De Gennaro
  2. Inverse and Stochastic Modelling. F. Molenkamp M. Hicks
  3. Time-dependent processes in geomechanics. P.Y. Hicher M. Karstunen


  1. Multiscale Approaches to Geomaterials. B. Cambou, C. Dascalu
  2. Soil-Structure Interaction. L. Vulliet, C. Tamagnini
  3. Advanced Computational Geomechanics. M. Pastor, M. Hicks


  1. Solid-liquid phase transition and transport phenomena. I. Vardoulakis, F. Dufour, H. Steeb
  2. Geostructural dynamics and waves in geomaterials. J. Mazars, D. Muir Wood
  3. Advances in experimental methods. G. Pijaudier-Cabot, E. Romero


  1. Degradations and Ageing of Geomaterials. B. Sluys, J. Vaunat
  2. Gravitational Flows and Structure Vulnerability. F. Calvetti, F. Nicot
  3. Multiscale Approachs in Geomechanics. M Jirasek, J.Lewandowska


  1. Geomechanics for transportation engineering. D. Kolymbas, M. Hicks
  2. Multi-physics coupling. R. Charlier, Y. Cui
  3. Post-failure behaviour. J. Sulem, E. Papamichos


  1. Geomechanics for Natural Hazards. G. Viggiani, L. Vulliet
  2. Geomechanics for Energy Production. I. Vardoulakis, V. De Gennaro
  3. Geomechanics for Cultural Heritage Preservation. R. Nova, J. Sicard.


  1. Quasi-Brittle Geomaterials (concretes and rocks). G. Pijaudier-Cabot, A. Huerta
  2. Mechanics and physics of granular materials. I. Vardoulakis, F. Calvetti
  3. Rate-dependency and thermo-chemo mechanics of geomaterials. P. Delage, C. di Prisco


  1. Environmental geomechanics. S. Wheeler, L. Laloui
  2. Soil-Structure interaction. A. Modaressi, C. Viggiani
  3. Geomechanics and energy production. R. Charlier, J.F. Shao


  1. Safety and reliability of geostructures. R. Nova, M. Pastor
  2. Geoenvironmental engineering. P. Delage, L. Sanavia
  3. Mitigation of natural and man-made hazards. L. Vulliet, C. di Prisco


  1. Failure and risk assessment of geostructures. L.J. Sluys
  2. Environmental geomaterial mechanics. B. Schrefler
  3. Geomechanics related to energy production. R. Charlier


The same 5 sessions took place from 1994 to 1997.

  1. Dynamics of Geomaterials. Borst
  2. Localisation Phenomena in Geomaterials. I.Vardoulakis
  3. Reinforced Geomaterials. R.Nova
  4. Thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling. A.Gens
  5. Benchmarks and constitutive modelling. M.Pastor

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