3 PhD Positions – University of Southampton, UK.

Three new PhD positions are open in the University of Southampton, UK.

 1) Mathematical Modelling of Poro-Mechanics of Soil (Tiina Roose and William Powrie) – This project will investigate how the degree soil water saturation influences soil mechanics, particularly the non-uniformity of moisture content distribution within the soil, which becomes more significant as the range of grain sizes increases. We aim to develop new mathematical model where the role of plants in soil mechanics can be included, which relates to the effects of spatially and temporally heterogeneous wetting and drying cycles on the soil matrix.

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PhD project about Neutron and X-rays imaging on cement paste carbonation at the University of Grenoble (InnovaXN program)

A new PhD position is open in Grenoble (3SR in collaboration with Lafarge/Holcim and ILL/ ESRF) in France. The project aims at studying the chemo-hydro-mechanical behaviour of cement paste during carbonation in the context of C02 sequestration in recycled aggregates.
The technical strategy is to benefit from recent development in terms of bi-modal imaging (X-rays and Neutron) to investigated in real-time the C02 reaction with cement paste. Development of the chemical part of a fully coupled thermo-hydro-chemo-mechanical models is also planned to optimize the industrial process of C02 sequestration to reach carbon neutrality of cement industry.

Further details in the attached Pdf.

PhD Position in geotechnical earthquake engineering at the Université Gustave Eiffel (France)

A new PhD position is open at the Université Gustave Eiffel, France. The project will focus on the investigate the influence of ground liquefaction on the behavior of homogeneous embankment under seismic loading. The technical strategy of this study will be a combined approach of 70% physical centrifuge modeling and 30% numerical modeling. The experimental study will provide important proof on the physical phenomena and essential data for numerical modeling; Being the complimentary of experimental work, the calibrated numerical model will be used to carry out parametric and case studies.  Based on the experimental and numerical work, possible remediation strategies could be proposed, which could be helpful for the construction of embankment-type geo-structures in the industrial sector.

Application closing date: April 15, 2020

For more information of the PhD subject, see the link:

and in the attached PDF document.

Assistant/Associate Professor of Experimental Soil Mechanics (tenure track)

Applications are invited for an Assistant or Associate Professor of Experimental Soil Mechanics. The position is proposed to improve our understanding of the fundamental mechanical behaviour of soils undergoing ageing and cyclic environmental loads, and to provide new solutions to the present and future challenges of the built environment. The focus is on developing new experimental techniques and strategies to better understand and tune the response of soils to increasingly high (time-dependent and dynamic) loadings. Emerging sensor and imaging technologies offer the opportunity to develop a new generation of experimental techniques for soil testing in the laboratory and in the field.

More information in this attached file.

The closing date for applications is 15 March 2020.

PhD Position in Modeling of Induced Seismicity

Fed up with polluted skies? Looking forward to sunny days? Contribute with your research to address one of the major challenges of the XXI century: achieving zero emissions to enjoy the blue sky again. We offer a 3-year PhD position for modeling induced post-injection seismicity as a result of fluid injection/extraction related to geothermal energy, geologic carbon storage and subsurface energy storage. The position is related to the ERC-StG project GEoREST (predictinG EaRthquakES induced by fluid injecTion) (www.georest.eu), funded by the European Research Council (ERC, https://erc.europa.eu/). The candidate will perform her/his research at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in a collaborative and enthusiastic environment.

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PhD position at BAM

A new PhD position on soil and structural mechanics is open at the BAM in Berlin. The project will study the buckling phenomena and soil-structure interaction of large-diameter offshore piles during installation and service, with a special focus on the critical conditions for pile-tip buckling, buckle propagation during driving and general buckling limits of the embedded pile during service.

Further information on this position can be found at:


and in the attached PDF document.

Short courses on “Mechanics of Geomaterials: from Micro to Macro”

In the context of the 16th IACMAG conference, short courses are organised in Grenoble (June 29-30, 2020) on the topic “Mechanics of Geomaterials: from Micro to Macro”. The planning is here attached and includes a visit of the synchrotron facilities as well as lectures on advanced experimental and numerical methods. Pre-registration requests can be addressed to iacmagcourses@symposium.it.

Postdoc position in geomechanics at ENTPE-LTDS (Lyon, France)

Multi-scale behaviour and damage of heterogeneous rocks around underground excavations.

Link to description

The goal of this project is to investigate the multi-scale behaviour of clay rock, going from microscopic to macroscopic scale. The research will be based on multi-scale approach and numerical method allowing to model microstructure media in a double-scale framework (FEMxFEM).

Applications are welcome from PhDs graduated in the areas of civil, mechanical, and materials engineering, or geosciences. PhDs in geomechanics / geotechnics are mostly welcome.

Applications should be submitted before the end of April 2020

Contact: Benoît Pardoen (benoit.pardoen@entpe.fr)

Two Researcher position @SINTEFD

Two Research Scientist/Senior Scientist positions are open at the Drilling and Well Department, SINTEF Industry, Trondheim, Norway.

The deadline for the positions is 15 February 2020. The links for the positions are (also in English) :

  • Modeling and algorithm development


  • Drilling mud and material characterization