ALERT Doctoral School 2020

Point based numerical methods in geomechanics

Coordinators: Wei Wu (Vienna, Austria) & Manuel Pastor (Madrid, Spain)

Modelling in geomechanics is based on three main ingredients: a mathematical model, a constitutive model and a computational model where the equations are discretized. Geotechnical and Geomechanical engineers use models to predict how geostructures will behave under service conditions, under which conditions they will fail, and the consequences of the failure. Regarding failure and post failure, deformations may become large, and in some extreme cases the material will behave like a fluid.

Traditional finite element methods are not able to cope with the problem in an optimal way. Lagrangian formulations require intensive and expensive mesh remeshing. This is why during the last decades researchers have developed alternative techniques where elements are no longer a fundamental part of the analysis.

This ALERT doctoral School, organized on-line for the first time, aims to provide researchers with an overview of the point based methods.

Regarding the contents, we have selected the most extended methods: SPH, MPM, PFEM, and a combination of LBM with DEM. For each technique, both the basic theory and applications to engineering cases is provided. The lecturers are Drs. Ha Bui (Melbourne, Australia), Johan Gaume (Lausanne, Switzerland)), Antonia Laresse (Padova, Italy),  Manolo Pastor (Madrid, Spain), Steve Sun (NY, USA) and Wei Wu (Vienna, Austria).

Concerning the organization, and being free of having to concentrate on the School in two and a half days, we have chosen to extend it to 4 days (Monday to Thursday). In this way, the audience will have more time to assimilate the stuff, and pose interesting questions. Another change is to allocate one session for the audience willing to share their experience, to make short presentations of their work.

Wei Wu and Manolo Pastor