Presentations of the ALERT Workshop 2023

ALERT Workshop 2023
25th  – 27th September 2023, Aussois, France

DAY 1, MONDAY, 25th September
Energy Geomechanics
Coordinators: Jean-Michel PEREIRA, Diego MANZANAL and Carlos SANTAMARINA

  • Towards a better understanding of gas migration mechanisms in plastic clays (Invited lecture by Anne-Catherine DIEUDONNÉ)
  • Multiphase flow through granular material under hydro-mechanical loading (Rana AL NEMER, Giulio SCIARRA, Julien RETHORE)
  • Phase-field Modelling of Drying Induced Cracks in Initially Water Saturated Porous Media (Chenyi LUO, Lorenzo SANAVIA, Laura DE LORENZIS)
  • Mechanics and Physics of Meniscus Instability in Drying of Granular Media (R. Y. CHEN, F. I. WU, B. MIELNICZUK, A. GUEVEL, M. VEVEAKIS, T. HUECKEL)
  • Fracture mechanics-based modeling of three dimensional fluid driven frictional ruptures (Mathias LEBIHAIN, Alexis SAEZ, Brice LECAMPION)
  • A Phase-Field Discrete Element Method to study chemo-mechanical coupling in granular materials in the context of energy geostorage (Alexandre SAC-MORANE, Hadrien RATTEZ, Manolis VEVEAKIS)
  • Mechanical behaviour of hollow glass microsphere-lightened cement pastes for CO2 geological storage (Christian MARTIN, Teresa M PIQUE, Siavash GHABEZLOO, Jean-Michel PEREIRA, Diego MANZANAL)
  • Geometry and porosity influence mechanics of indentation in soft rocks (Tejas G MURTHY)
  • Transforming the underground into a huge electrical plug of renewable energies (Invited lecture by Ioannis STEFANOU)
  • Geomechanical reservoir modelling with Thermodynamics-based Artificial Neural Networks (TANNs) (Farah RABIE, Daniel ARNOLD, Helen LEWIS, Vasily DEMYANOV)
  • Thermo-poromechanical Coupled Processes in Deep Geothermal Energy Systems (Nicolas ESPINOZA, Matthew MCLEAN)
  • Geotechnical gravitational energy storage: Numerical comparison of a near surface and a deep surface system (Luis MUGELE, Hans Henning STUTZ)
  • Upscaling the yield surface of rocks from digital microstructures to study Underground Hydrogen Storage feasibility (Martin LESUEUR, Hadrien RATTEZ, Manolis VEVEAKIS)
  • Effect of stress anisotropy on chalk influx (M. KATTIS, E. PAPAMICHOS)

DAY 2, TUESDAY 26th September
Special Session on Extraterrestrial geomechanics
Coordinators: Pierre DELAGE and Felipe PRADA

  • Mars’ structure based on seismometer data (from both Marsquakes and meteorite impacts) (Philippe LOGNONNÉ)
  • Impacts and low gravity, asteroids (Naomi MURDOCH)
  • Frozen lunar soils (Pooneh MAGHOUL)
  • Surface properties detected from analysing surface waves at the InSight site (Cédric SCHMELBACH)
  • Seismic waves in frozen regolith (Taïchi KAWAMURA)
  • Geological characterisation and geomechanical properties of surface soils (Pierre DELAGE)
  • ALERT Special Lecture 2023: How particle-scale simulations can underpin empiricism in soil mechanics (Professor Catherine O’SULLIVAN)

DAY 3, WEDNESDAY 27th September
Anisotropy in geomaterials: theory, experiments and modelling
Organizers: Eleni GEROLYMATOU, Cino VIGGIANI and Angelo AMOROSI

  • Stress-induced elastic anisotropy in sand: examining the interplay between fabric and contact forces (Keynote lecture by G. BUSCARNERA)
  • The link between interparticle friction and stress anisotropy in 1D compression of clay (C. O’SULLIVAN, Y. NAKAMICHI, S. BANDERA, T. MORIMOTO, P. TANGNEY, S. ANGIOLETTI- UBERTI)
  • Fabric anisotropy of clays: thermodynamics-based modelling from the reversible response up to critical state (F. ROLLO, A. AMOROSI)
  • On the significance of sand fabric anisotropy on the response of shallow foundations under vari ous loading paths (A. PAPADIMITRIOU, Y. CHALOULOS, Y. DAFALIAS)
  • Inherent anisotropy due to particle shape: An experimental approach using X-ray tomography (G. PINZÓN, G. VIGGIANI, E. ANDÒ, A. TENGATTINI)
  • Influence of the fine sand content on the initial anisotropy in binary mixtures (S. SCHMIDT, I. HERLE)
  • Probing anisotropy in natural sensitive clays (A. CASARELLA, G. BIRMPILIS, J. DIJKSTRA, E. ROUBIN, M. KARSTUNEN)
  • Experimental investigation of cracking mechanisms in layered rocks under uniaxial compression: the influence of intragranular and intergranular porosity (C. CASELLE, G. UMILI, D. COSTANZO, L. PELLEGRINO, G. CARNEVALE, F. DELA PIERRE, P. SÉNÉCHAL)
  • Experimental investigation on fabric anisotropy effects on sand and clay response under monotonic and cyclic loading (Keynote lecture by T. WICHTMANN)
  • Anisotropy in granular geomaterials: hollow cylinder experiments, DEM (M. POURAGHA, G. MEDICUS, P. SELVARAJAH, S. SIVATHAYALAN)
  • Influence of anisotropy in FE modelling of geotechnical problems (M. CUDNY)
  • GPFEM investigation of anisotropic permeability effects on piezocone test interpretation (M. PREVITALI, M. CIANTIA, L. MONFORTE, M. ARROYO)
  • Sand constitutive modelling considering the effect of fabric anisotropy (A. PETALAS)