Ioannis Vardoulakis PhD Prize

The Ioannis Vardoulakis PhD Prize was founded by the association ALERT Geomaterials with the aim of promoting the dissemination of the scientific research carried out by PhD students in the field of soil, rock and concrete mechanics. The prize donation amounts 1000 Euro.

The Prize is assigned annually on the basis of the dossiers sent to the Jury. The name of the winner is communicated to the participants of the ALERT Geomaterials Workshop. The winner will be invited to present a short lecture about the main results of his/her research at the end of this workshop,


PhD students coming from one of the institutions belonging to the ALERT Geomaterials association are eligible candidates for the present prize. The submitted PhD thesis must cover one of the ALERT Geomaterials’ fields of interest and be discussed (defended) during the preceding year. Original and scientifically stimulating works in the domains of the theoretical research and/or applied geomechanics are expected.

When and how to apply?

In order to apply for the Ioannis Vardoulakis PhD prize the online application form has to be filled in and a dossier has to be made available online for download by the jury.

The deadline for the application is the 31.May of the respective year.

The person in charge of the Ioannis Vardoulakis PhD prize is the ALERT Director.

The rules of the Ioannis Vardoulakis PhD prize can be found here.

Winners of the ALERT PhD Prize


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