Postdoc position in geomechanics at ENTPE-LTDS (Lyon, France)

Multi-scale behaviour and damage of heterogeneous rocks around underground excavations.

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The goal of this project is to investigate the multi-scale behaviour of clay rock, going from microscopic to macroscopic scale. The research will be based on multi-scale approach and numerical method allowing to model microstructure media in a double-scale framework (FEMxFEM).

Applications are welcome from PhDs graduated in the areas of civil, mechanical, and materials engineering, or geosciences. PhDs in geomechanics / geotechnics are mostly welcome.

Applications should be submitted before the end of April 2020

Contact: Benoît Pardoen (

Two Researcher position @SINTEFD

Two Research Scientist/Senior Scientist positions are open at the Drilling and Well Department, SINTEF Industry, Trondheim, Norway.

The deadline for the positions is 15 February 2020. The links for the positions are (also in English) :

  • Modeling and algorithm development

  • Drilling mud and material characterization

Postdoctoral Position at the University of Sydney

A new Postdoctoral Research Associate/Fellow Position in Continuum Mechanics at the University of Sydney:

Closing date: 11:30pm, 26 February 2020.

Project will involve the development on a physically based continuum model for the long-term deterioration of brittle rocks in chemically active environments – should be fun science, and will include interaction with smart PhD students a strong group in granular physics and theoretical geomechanics.

Additional PhD position at Charles University

An additional PhD position in experimental geomechanics is open at Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic).

Topic: Effects of thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling on slope deformation in expansive clays: advanced experiments and hypoplastic modelling

Supervisor: Dr. Gianvito ScaringiFurther information about this project can be found at:

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PhD position at Chalmers University of Technology

A new PhD position on solid and structural mechanics is open at Chalmers University of Technology. The project will study transition zones in railway lines with a focus on including the accumulated deformations of the ballast and subgrade in the analyses. The work will build upon an extensive measurement campaign that will be part of the project.

For more information see:

Cryspom VII Workshop, 3-5 June 2020, Pau, France

The seventh edition of the Crystallization in Porous Media workshop will be held at the University of Pau & Pays Adour, in Pau, France, from 3 to 5 June 2020. This biannual international workshop focuses on fundamental research of crystallization in porous materials. It unites researchers from geoengineering, geology, physics, chemistry, mechanics and conservation interested in crystal nucleation, growth and transport in porous media and its related consequences. The goal is to bring together leading researchers and Ph.D. students to provide for a constructive and open dialogue. Also, it seeks to incite collaborations between theorists, modelists and experimentalists on an international level.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Fundamentals of crystallization in porous or confined media
  • Coupled problems including crystallization
  • Crystallization in the built environment
  • Crystallization and rock transformation in nature
  • Crystallization of salt and gas hydrates

To find more details about the workshop, and to submit an abstract, please visit our website at

Abstract submission deadline extended to 16 February

We look forward to welcome you in Pau,
the local organizing committee,
Hannelore Derluyn, Nicolas Beaudoin, Daniel Broseta & Guilhem Hoareau

PhD position at Charles University

A new PhD position in experimental soil mechanics is open at Charles University.

Starting date October 2020, topic: Evaluation of hydromechanical properties of bentonite subjected to thermal loading.

Further information on this position can be found at:

PhD position (NTNU) in thermo-mechanical studies of geothermal energy pile foundations

The Geotechnical Engineering Group at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, NTNU, has a vacancy for a 3-year PhD scholarship for research on thermo-mechanical study of geothermal energy pile foundations installed in soft clays subjected to freezing and thawing.

Further information on this position can be found at:

Post-doc position at the Mechanics and Energy Laboratory of Northwestern University

The Mechanics and Energy Laboratory (MEL) of Northwestern University is welcoming applications for a post-doctoral research position.

The MEL develops research activities addressing fundamental and applied problems centered on the mechanics of geomaterials and structural systems. The ultimate goal of these activities is to develop competence serving the achievement of efficient energy harvesting and storage applications, the development of resilient structures and infrastructures, the prevention or mitigation of natural hazards, and the establishment of built environments that can adapt their features to meet human activity needs.

The selected post-doctoral researcher will push the current knowledge boundaries about the multiphysical properties and behavior of geomaterials subjected to electrical current flows, by means of experimental laboratory investigations and coupled theoretical analyses, from the microscopic to the macroscopic scales.

Further information on this position can be found in the attached document.