Workshop on hypoplasticity

Workshop on hypoplasticity will be held on the 7-8 March 2013 in Dresden, Germany.

Workshop (7-8 March 2013)

The workshop on hypoplasticty intends to bring together researchers and practitioners who are involved in the development and application of this modelling framework. It should allow for an exchange of ideas and point out to possibilities and limitations of the hypoplasticity. It is also an opportunity for those who want to get informed about the hypoplastic models.

School (6 March 2013)

The workshop will be preceded by a one-day school on hypoplasticity where an introduction to the hypoplastic models will be given. The school will include computer exercises using octave (freeware compatible to matlab). The lecturers will by professors Ivo Herle (TU Dresden) and David Mašín (Charles University in Prague).

See flyer and for more details.

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