International Conference on Landslide Risk (ICLR13) in Tunisia

The Laboratory of Civil Engineering of the National School of Engineering of Tunis – University Tunis El Manar organises the International Conference on Landslide Risk (ICLR13) to be held at Tabarka-Ain Drahem on March 14-16, 2013.
ICLR13 is supported by the Tunisian Ministry of Equipment, the Tunisian Association of Geosynthetics and the International Society of soil Mechanics (Joint Technical committee on Landslides -JTC1-). The main objective of the conference is to identify emerging developments in the analysis, mitigation and monitoring technologies capable of generating successful methodologies to deal with landslide risk and to contribute to the development of international standards. Researchers and professional Engineers across the world are invited to participate and exchange their experience in such field. The main topics of the Conference are:
-Field Characterization and Mapping
-Prediction and Modelling
-Mitigation and monitoring techniques
You can access to the website which provides additional information on program, committees, dates and registration fees.

One thought on “International Conference on Landslide Risk (ICLR13) in Tunisia

  1. I am a doctorate researcher in landslides from Tunisia. May I have a copy of the presented papers in this conference?

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