Registration for the ALERT Poster Session 2013

The registration for the ALERT Poster Session 2013, held during the ALERT Workshop, is open now! The 7th ALERT poster session will be organized by Donia Marzougui (3SR – Grenoble INP).  All posters will be included in a booklet with ISBN, which will be made available on ALERT’s website after the Workshop. Those who have submitted an abstract and a poster to the organizers of the Workshop sessions, please send your posters to Donia, too!

2 thoughts on “Registration for the ALERT Poster Session 2013

  1. Dear Madam or Sir,

    I am a Phd student from Technical University of Dresden, and I have just registered for the coming workshop and sommer school next month in France. In addition, i am also very interested in the ALERT Poster Session and I am now preparing a poster for it. However I could not find the deadline for the registration and submission of my poster. So i am writing to ask for some information about it.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Best regards,
    Jinxing Guo

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