Permanent position at EC Nantes (Maître de Conférences)

A permanent position in civil engineering and theoretical mechanics is open at EC Nantes, see attachment. Deadline for the application is 26/09/2013, 16h (French time).

Job profile

The candidate will teach civil engineering and theoretical mechanics related courses at Ecole Centrale Nantes (civil engineering curriculum, master of science, apprenticeship training). He (she) should develop online courses (TICE). He (she) will also assume administrative responsibilities within ECN and the pedagogic team.

The candidate will be a member of the research team Matériaux-Ouvrages-Environnement of the laboratory GeM, evaluated A+ in 2011 by AERES. The research activities of the team can be found in:

The candidate should be an expert on geomechanical modeling and/or the modeling of structures under severe loadings (cyclic/seismic). He (she) is expected to develop scientific collaborations with other academic and industrial partners (at the local, national or international level).

Tools: Cluster, test slab, experimental devices for geomechanics


Directeur du département enseignement :
Prof . Erwan VERRON
Tél : 02 40 37 68 42

Directeur du département recherche :
Prof. Laurent STAINIER Directeur du GeM
Prof. Ahmed LOUKILI
Responsable de l’Equipe MOE – GeM

Direction des Ressources Humaines :
Mail :

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