Minisymposium on Multiscale Computational Approaches for Geomechanics

A minisymposium “Multiscale Computational Approaches for Geomechanics (ID 180)” will be held on 20-25 July 2014 in Barcelona (Spain) at the joint XI World Conference on Computational Mechanics (WCCM XI), European Congress on Computational Mechanics (ECCM V) and VI European Conference of Fluid Dynamics.

The session will provide a forum for presentation and discussion of recent advances in computational geomechanics with an emphasis on computational methods involving multi-scale aspects in a general sense (concurrent computing, domain decomposition, computational homogenisation, micro-mechanically motivated constitutive modelling …). Additional information may be found in the session abstract.

One-page abstracts can be submitted electronically by November 29, 2013 through the Congress web site ( After the abstract acceptance, the authors will have the possibility to submit a full paper by February 28, 2014 that will be published in the Congress Proceedings (including full papers only) edited electronically. Submission of Full Paper is not mandatory.

Others information can be found on the Congress web site:

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