RocExs 2014

5th “Interdisciplinary Workshop on Rockfall Protection” – RocExs 2014 – will take place from 29th to 31st May 2014 in Lecco (Italy)!

RocExs 2014 is organized on behalf of the Rockfall Expert Network (RocExs.NET) by Politecnico di Milano and Università di Milano – Bicocca, with the support of Rockfall Defence, and is hosted at the new Lecco Campus of Politecnico di Milano.

The Rockfall Expert Network (RocExs.NET) is a forum of international rockfall scientists and practitioners who meet in a three years interval.
The “Interdisciplinary Workshop on Rockfall Protection” is a unique opportunity to: 1) present the latest advances of research on rockfall hazard and risk assessment, and rockfall risk mitigation; 2) discuss design issues and application of standards; 3) showcase innovative protection measures; 4) share the experiences of practitioners in realizing protection measures; 5) develop and maintain an expert-network on the topic (last but not least).

Previous RocExs workshops were held in Japan (Kanazawa 1999), France (Vaujany 2005, organized by Cemagref), Switzerland (Morschach 2008, organised by WSL, ETHZ und EPFL) and Austria (Innsbruck-Igls 2011, organized by the Geological Service of the Austrian Torrent and Avalanche Control).

All persons involved in the field of rockfall research, technology and practice, are welcome to attend the workshop and to present their contribution, with the aim of encourage a dialogue between scientists and practitioners from a wide range of theoretical background and methodological focus.

Please visit the workshop homepage for detailed information, workshop topics, abstract submission and registration: or

Workshop topics

Rockfall initiation

* rock mechanics, slope stability
* modeling of triggering
* active protection measures

Rockfall propagation

* trajectory modelling
* natural protection, forests

Mitigation and passive protection measures

* fences, walls, galleries, embankments, etc.
* design and application of standards, guidelines
* construction and certification
* technological developments
* performance, case histories

Zoning and monitoring

* hazard mapping
* risk evaluation for rockfall processes
* monitoring methods for assessment of rockfall triggering
* early warning and alarming systems

Field and laboratory tests and results

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