PhD position at The University of Sydney

PhD opportunity in the research field physics of landslides is available at School of Civil Engineering of The University of Sydney. Applications are invited for a three years PhD scholarship in the field of geomechanics and landslide engineering.

The role

The applicant will carry out fundamental and applied research in the field of soil mechanics and granular physics. The research will involve laboratory experiments as well as computer simulations. It will aim to identify the micro-mechanisms governing landslides, and to use them to construct mathematical models that capture and predict landslide flow properties. The final goal is to explain and model landslide properties such as flow path, impact forces on structures and run-out distances.

The applicant

Applicants need to satisfy the eligibility criteria for PhD enrolment at The University of Sydney (see below). Backgrounds in civil engineering, fluid mechanics, applied mathematics, numerical methods and programming languages will be appreciated.

The successful applicant will demonstrate a strong commitment to academic research in the proposed field. He/she will have excellent written and oral communication skills. He/she will be willing to create and develop original approaches to tackle open questions. He/she will be willing to join a world-leading research group and collaborate with its team members.

Research environment

The PhD will be supervised by Dr Pierre Rognon. The applicant will join the SciGEM group at The School of Civil Engineering – The University of Sydney. The SciGEM group comprises 5 academics and ten postgraduate researchers. It is a vibrant, world-leading group in the fields of geomechanics and granular physics. The applicant will benefit from cutting edge experimental facilities as well as homemade numerical codes.

The opportunity

It is a three years full-time position, with a tax-free stipend of approximately $25,000/year. A top-up of $5,000/year may be available based on merit. There is a potential for the applicants to earn an extra $5,000/year through assistance in undergraduate teaching. The position is available now.


Applications should be sent by email to Dr Pierre Rognon

They should include a Resume and a Cover Letter. In their Cover Letter, applicants are invited to include a short (about 250 words) research statement explaining how they understand the issues related to landslides, and describing an experimental apparatus that could be developed to study them in a laboratory.

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