ALERT Geomaterials Workshop 2015

The ALERT Geomaterials Workshop 2015 will be organized from Monday, 28 September till Wednesday, 30 September in Aussois, France. It will include the following sessions:

Session 1 (Monday, September 28)
From discrete methods to continuum methods: Applications, Problems and Solutions
Coordinators: Y. Dafalias, L. Sibille and E. Andò

Session 2 (Tuesday, September 29)
How should we teach geomechanics?
Coordinators: G. Viggiani and I. Herle
(a half-day exploratory workshop)

Session 3 (Wednesday, September 30)
Fracturing and fractured reservoirs
Coordinators: E. Papamichos, H. Lewis and G. Couples

ALERT Doctoral School on Coupled and multiphysics phenomena will follow the workshop.

4 thoughts on “ALERT Geomaterials Workshop 2015

  1. I find it regrettable that these three workshops coincide with the Particles2015 conference in Barcelona which will take place during the same three days with many participants from all over the world. Just a thought.


  2. I am so sorry that deadline for abstract submission is over. Can I know when you will advertise your next workshop

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