Postdoc position Geomechanics at Heriot-Watt

The position is for 3 years and is aimed at finishing PhDs and new postdocs. See
Anyone interested is very welcome to contact Dr. Helen Lewis (, phone: +44 131 451 3691) for informal discussions.

The position is part of a large group of researchers at 3 universities, Heriot-Watt and Edinburgh (both in the City of Edinburgh) and Oxford University. They call themselves the ICCR (International Centre for Carbonate Research) and are just about to start phase 2. Their common focus is carbonate rocks (limestones predominantly) which are of huge economic and scientific interest to academia and the hydrocarbon industry alike. ICCR is extremely well funded by oil companies, and has been for several years, and there is a strong possibility that the PDRAs will spend some time in Brazil with the sponsoring companies.

The particular project, MechSeis ll is concerned with the geomechanics of carbonate rocks as they deform in fold and fault systems, making the hydrocarbon reservoirs. It could be of interest to anyone who has, or is about to have, a PhD in Geomechanics of Geomaterials, especially anyone with laboratory and/or geomechanical simulation of rocks or soils expertise. It is probably not suitable for someone who is overwhelmingly theoretical in his/her approach to geomechanics. However, the project coordinator Dr. Helen Lewis may have other possibilities for theoreticians and would welcome a contact from anyone who may be interested in Heriot-Watt or ICCR. In the ideal world, the research group would like new researcher to start in March but they recognise that the right person is more important that the right date.

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