PostDoc/PhD position at NTNU, Trondheim

A PostDoc/PhD position at NTNU, Trondheim, Norway is available on effective countermeasures related to debris- and mudflow hazards:

This Postdoc/PhD study is aiming to provide improved knowledge for a safer E39 highway in western Norway. Focus is to be on effective countermeasures for debris and mudflow hazards. This Postdoc/PhD study shall look for innovative solutions and explore possibilities. The study shall improve the understanding of the dynamic forces from and the behaviour of the fluidized soil/water mass in the flow path, in narrow spaces and structure underpasses. For some specific sections of the E39 highway, the parameters that are important for debris flows shall be established and/or measured. In the physical model, various countermeasures shall be applied and studied with respect to forces, efficiency and functionality. This Postdoc/PhD study needs to consider effects of the changing climate. The application deadline is February 24th, 2015.

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