Special issue in Soil-Atmosphere Interaction

Following on from a mini-symposium on Soil-Atmosphere Interaction at the IACMAG (http://www.iacmag.net/#!conferences/c1f4i) conference, a themed issue of Environmental Geotechnics is being planned.

In spite of soil-atmosphere interaction providing the boundary condition to many surface and near surface geotechnical infrastructure, detailed knowledge and modelling of the processes remain rather poor, and still deserve new research and development. Contributions are being sought on aspects of Soil-Atmosphere Interaction such as wetting/drying, unsaturated transport, soil desiccation, vegetation, freeze/thaw, and on any engineering application influenced by such processes.

Abstract submission has been extended to be open until 15th April 2015, with full papers anticipated to be submitted by June. Please see the attached advert for submission details.

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