A Post-doctoral position at Andra R&D Division

Andra (French national radioactive waste management agency) invites applicants for a post-doctoral position on “Coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical modeling of large-scale in situ heating experiments”.

A benchmark program is organized by Andra within DECOVALEX international program. The objective of the post-doctoral research is the interpretation and modeling of full scale heating experiments on the basis of model calibrations performed at a smaller scale within this international benchmark. The model used will be benchmarked in 3D to validate the correctness of its implementation considering TH and THM processes. The interaction between the surrounding rock mass and the support (steel casing in this case) will be closely investigated through one-to-one scale experiment to assess the effect of the thermal loading on the steel structure. The extent of the behavior of one single cell to the repository scale (many parallel cells) will be also approached.
More details can be found in the pdf file.

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