Abstract of the ALERT Special Lecture 2016

The invited ALERT Special Lecture during the ALERT Workshop 2016 will be presented by Prof. Takashi Matsushima from University of Tsukuba, Japan. The envisaged title of his talk is Planetary geomechanics. Find the abstract below.

“How have planetary surfaces been formed and evolved?” This is an essential problem in earth and planetary science, and geomechanics community should contribute to answer this question. The big challenge behind is to establish the methodology to deal with such very long term geological processes within the mechanics framework. The present talk consists of two parts: the formation and evolution of planetary surfaces by surface water flow (as in the Earth surface) and those by meteoroid impacts (as in the Moon surface). In the former part, the erosion-sedimentation equation is introduced and implemented in the depth-integrated particle method. In the latter part, Hugoniot equation of states for crushable granular geomaterials is discussed together with log(e)-log(p) relation.

The registration for the workshop will be opened soon.

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