EU funded PhD position at Trento University

The University of Trento (Italy) invites applications for a PhD position funded by the EU wihtin an ITN scheme in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, Geomechanics group. The proposed research will focus on the development and validation of novel constitutive and numerical models for analysing soil-structure interaction under extreme loading conditions.

Constitutive models describing soil behavior and single (deep or shallow) foundations’ dynamic response are the expected starting points of a research path leading to modelling the soil-structure interaction. The analyses will benefit from available experimental and/or field data on existing buildings, to obtain a reliable modelling tool that will be employed, in the second part of this project, to perform parametric analyses to be incorporated into a more general probabilistic tool for risk assessment of critical infrastructures. Applications are welcome from students with masters qualifications in the areas of civil engineering, applied mechanics or a similar field of study, with a possibly strong background in constitutive and numerical modelling in Geomechanics/Geotechnics.

Please contact and for details.

To be eligible, candidates must comply with mobility requirements. Please see for details.

More information in pdf and application at:

The application deadline for the position is officially 25/08/2016.

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