First call of abstracts for GeoProc2017

The 6th International Conference on Coupled THMC Processes in Geosystems (GeoProc2017) is an ISRM (International Society of Rock Mechanics) sponsored event that will be held in Paris, on July 5-7 2017.

Abstract can be submitted online by October 30, 2016.

As part of GeoProc conference series, this event carries forward certain traditions as well as breaks new grounds related to Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechano-Chemical (THMC) processes in Geosystems.

The topics of the conference are:

Reservoir mechanics (Nuclear waste disposal, CO2 sequestration, Energy storage, Petroleum engineering, Geothermal energy etc.)
Hydrauling fracturing
Induced seismicity, fault reactivation and landslides
Numerical challenges in THMC modeling
Instabilities, bifurcation phenomena and strain localization due to THMC processes
Experimental advances in THMC processes
Legal and economical aspects related to induced seismicity and reservoir mechanics

Further details can be found on the conference’s site

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