Mini-symposium on Hydro-mechanical Large Deformation Problems (in Geotechnical Engineering)

As an opportunity to present and discuss advances in the computational simulation of large deformation problems, a mini-symposium will be organized at the Interpore 2017 conference, 8-11 May 2017 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The conference works on the basis of submitted abstracts only (no papers) and then oral/poster presentations in a series of mini-symposiums. All participants will have the opportunity to orally present their work (15 mins for oral contributions or 3 mins for poster presenters, in addition to their poster). Abstract submission is now open until November 14th.

Details of the conference and abstract submission are available here:
Please make sure you select this mini-symposium when submitting your abstract. The details of the mini-symposium are below:

MS2.15 Hydro-mechanical large deformation problems (in geotechnical engineering)

In the computational simulation of porous media, often large deformations occur, e.g. landslides, slope/dyke stability, submerged slides (liquefaction/breaching/turbulent flowslides), tunnel face stability, borehole stability, sinkholes and impact problems. In most of these problems the behaviour is hydro-mechanical; the change in pore pressures often trigger failures (e.g. rainfall induced landslides) and the failures then strongly impact the internal stresses and pore pressures, which determine the post-failure behaviour. Only recently have computational methods been able to start simulating coupled large deformation hydro-mechanics, e.g. DEM, MPM, meshless methods, FEM or SPH. A wide number of challenges exist, from spatial discretisation, appropriate boundary conditions, post-failure constitutive modelling, to solution schemes. Moreover, there is only a limited amount of experimental data available to validate models. Contributions are welcomed from these areas and others to add to the discussion on the simulation of large deformation hydro-mechanical phenomena.

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