Workshop on the Advances in Flow and Deformation in unsaturated Porous Materials

There is a workshop on the advances in flow and deformation in unsaturated porous materials which is going to be held at Utrecht University on March 20th  and 21st (organized under auspices of Darcy Center for Porous Media and International Society for Porous Media (InterPore).

State-of-the-art lectures on various interesting topics (from landslides and geomechanics of CO2 sequestration to salt precipitation in porous media) will be delivered by our invited speakers.

You, and your co-workers and students are cordially invited to participate in this workshop. Young researchers can also present a poster on their own ongoing research.

Please note that a small registration fee (For InterPore members 50 Euro and for nonmembers 120 Euro) has been considered for this workshop which was needed to cover the administration expenses.

The workshop website is accessible at:

The registration link is:

The workshop program can be accessed via the following link.

Please note that there is a limitation on the number of participants which is 20; therefore, we ask interested colleagues to register as soon as possible.

Important remark: The registration will be closed on March 14, at 10 AM (in Utrecht time).

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