ISDMM conference Lyon

The abstracts submission for the ISDMM 2017 is now open on the symposium website:
The ISDMM 2017 will be held in Lyon from June 26th to June 29th 2017 and the deadline for abstract submission has been fixed to April 15th, 2017.

The ISDMM Symposium is intended to bring together researchers in the area of the mechanics of defects (cracks,dislocations, inclusions, precipitates, phase boundaries, etc.), as well as the mechanics of enriched or generalized continua (micromorhpic, second-gradient, couple stress, etc.), seen as a rational framework for the description of the effects of evolving heterogeneities and structural changes occurring at lower scales in macroscopically homogeneous continua.

The following main topics have been identified, that add to more classical subject of the ISDMM conferences, new emerging themes in the field of the mechanics of materials with architectured microstructures:
– material forces on defects
– kinetics of defects
– morphology changes
– micromechanics
– energy-momentum tensors
– energy release rate
– conservation laws on the material manifold
– duality of direct/inverse motion
– mechanics of generalized continua
– mechanics of metamaterials
– wave propagation in micro-structured solids

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