Position at IFSTTAR Nantes: permanent researcher in geotechnical earthquake engineering

The position is open to holders of a doctorate in civil engineering and more specifically in the thematic of geotechnical earthquake engineering, or he/she should justify an equivalent level especially for foreign applicants. The candidate should have knowledge and strong interest for experimental research, an experience in dynamic physical modelling will be very much appreciated. For complementary purpose with the actual team in Nantes, the candidate must also have good knowledge of numerical modeling in the field of geotechnical engineering and in particular in the modeling of dynamic soil response. More information in the attached document.

The candidate is expected to propose a project for the position in his/her application and for this reason it is strongly recommended to contact:

Luca Lenti, acting director of the laboratory « Earthquake and Vibrations » (SV), e-mail
Sandra Escoffier, researcher, e-mail
Eric Gaume, director of the department « Geotechnical engineering, Environment, Natural Hazards and Hearth science », email

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