LARAM, the International School on ”LAndslide Risk Assessment and Mitigation”

LARAM, founded by the Geotechnical Engineering Group (GEG) of the University of Salerno in 2005, was envisioned to offer a permanent venue for PhD students, young researchers and renowned experts to interact and exchange ideas in the field of landslide risk. The main objectives of LARAM are: to develop high educational interdisciplinary programs for assessing, forecasting and mitigating landslide risk over large areas; to promote the creation of training programs aimed at solving real landslide risk problems using the most advanced theories and methodologies in the fields of geotechnical engineering, geomechanics, geology, physical geography, mathematical modelling, monitoring, GIS techniques, risk management and other relevant topics. These aims are achieved by means of yearly cycles of lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences.

LARAM School 2018 for PhD students and Young Doctors
3 – 14 September, 2018
Salerno University Campus (Italy)
The LARAM class will be composed by 40 selected PhD students (deadline for application: June 15, 2018) and up to 5 young doctors (deadline for registration: June 22, 2018).
Participants pay their own travel and accommodation expenses, as well as a registration fee of Euro 250 (PhD students) or 400 (young doctors).
The 40 PhD students will be selected among applicants working in civil engineering, environmental engineering, engineering geology or related fields. Candidates must include in their application a curriculum vitae and up to three recommendation letters. The selection will be based on an evaluation of the candidate’s curriculum – including academic performance, previous research experience and publications – and on the content of the recommendation letter(s) in relation to the PhD year, field of expertise and research topic.
The School is also open to 5 young doctors, with PhD defended not longer than 5 years ago.
The programme of the School will consist of 57 hours of lectures, 9 hours of tutorials and 6 hours of field training (details on the web site), organized in the following sessions:
  • S1, Introduction to landslides and LARAM Lecture
  • S2, Landslide risk theory
  • S3, Landslide triggering factors
  • S4, Landslide modelling
  • S5, International experiences
  • S6, Landslide risk analysis and zoning
  • S7, Landslide monitoring and mitigation
  • S8, Landslide risk management and risk governance
At the end of the School, a LARAM award certificate will be assigned to a student for the best presentation delivered during the ‘presentations by students’ session.
Please forward this announcement to any interested Colleague or students in your Institutions.

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