Computational Models and Methods for Multiphysics Processes in Multiphase Porous Media – COUPLED PROBLEMS 2019

Dear Colleagues,

it is our pleasure to invite you to the Invited Session:

“Computational Models and Methods for Multiphysics Processes in
Multiphase Porous Media” (Invited Session Code: 34)

that we are organizing at the VIII International Conference on Coupled
Problems in Science and Engineering – COUPLED PROBLEMS 2019, . This ECCOMAS thematic
conference and IACM Special Interest Conference will be held on 3-5
June in Sitges, Barcelona.

The objectives of COUPLED PROBLEMS 2019 are to present and discuss
state of the art, mathematical models, numerical methods and
computational techniques for solving coupling problems of
multidisciplinary character in science and engineering. The conference
goal is to make a step forward in the formulation and solution of real
life problems with a multidisciplinary vision, accounting for all the
complex couplings involved in the physical description of the problem.

The previous seven editions of this conference were held on the
islands of Santorini (Greece) on 25-28 May 2005, Ibiza (Spain) on
21-23 May 2007, Ischia (Italy) on 8-11 June 2009, Kos (Greece) on
20-22 June 2011, Ibiza (Spain) on June 17 ­ 19 June 2013, San Servolo,
Venice, Italy on May 18 – 20 2015 and Rhodes, Greece on 12 – 14 June

One page abstract is required, to be uploaded on the conference web
site before January 23, 2019. We would appreciate very much your
response to this invitation at your earliest convenience.

Other important dates:
– Acceptance of the contributions: 15 February 2019
– Deadline for submitting the full paper (not mandatory) and early
payment: 15 March 2019

Registration and submission of abstracts will be through the
conference Web site. Please follow the below instructions to submit
your contribution:

Step 1: You have to complete your registration form and submit it

or, if you are already registered,

Step 2: Log in as registered person

You have to click on the button ”Add Abstract” and ”Submit an
abstract for an invited session”. Be sure of filling in the correct
Code Session (34, to accept this invitation).

Step 3: You have to complete the paper information (title, authors,
key words) and upload the abstract. Selection of the ”Topic” can be

Please, note that the file must be converted to Portable Document
Format (PDF) before submission. Other files are not admitted.

For further information you can go to the instructions for authors

Best regards,

Lorenzo Sanavia (
Claudio Tamagnini (

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