Post-doctoral fellowship – CERIS, IST-ID Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal

The geotechnics group of the research group CERIS based at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal has a vacant post-doctoral research position currently open for applications. The position is full-time with a duration of up to 30 months, after a probation period of 6 months. The work planned under the contract is in support of the project DEEPCOOL and will involve a number of activities namely: small scale model testing, numerical modelling and dissemination activities.

The project aims to promote the uptake of SGE technology in Portugal and in particular, the use of building elements in contact with the ground to provide heat exchange; so-called Energy Geostructures. The objectives of DEEPCOOL are – to examine the market potential for SGE in Portugal and other Portuguese speaking nations, with a particular focus on the integration of SGE in building refurbishment and its application in cooling dominated environments; to address specific technical barriers relating to the acceptance of the use of pile foundations and retaining walls as heat exchangers within SGE systems, and to generally raise awareness and promote the use of SGE.

A multi-faceted approach to achieving the aims in DEEPCOOL will be taken – a deep review will be made of the market situation for SGE systems and technology innovations coming to market (focused on refurbishment & cooling), with the contribution of energy geostructures within this wider context also considered; with the intention of breaking down technological barriers impeding the uptake of energy geostructures, the impact of cyclic thermal loading on the safety and the influence of geo-interface thermal contact resistance will be quantified within an experimental testing programme; Simulations for a variety of SGE typologies, and heating and cooling demands will be made to illustrate the potential for these applications, which will be used within articles and at events promoting SGE generally.

Candidates should demonstrate: enthusiasm for development of shallow geothermal applications generally; a good background in experimental testing would be advantageous, especially in the development of data acquisition and/or test control systems, and associated skills, i.e. programming; a background or interest in developing skill in modelling using building energy simulators and/or finite elements; willingness to work in undertaking a market appraisal and general dissemination activity.

The project team currently comprises:
Peter Bourne-Webb (PI); Jaime Alberto dos Santos; Teresa Bodas Freitas; João Figueira (PhD candidate); Zsombor Illes (PhD Candidate)

Applications close on 28 May 2019.

If you are interested then we are happy to field questions but also be aware that if you are applying from outside Portugal, you have to either have already registered your degree here or at least started the process (which must be completed before contract signing), proof of which must be submitted with the application. This is a change from the requirement of Section 8.1 in the Call. Again, we can help with this.

Call for applications

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