Post-doctoral position: Geomechanics for CO2 storage. Laboratory for Soil Mechanics – Chair Gaz Naturel Petrosvibri

The goal of the Chair Gaz Naturel Petrosvibri at the Swiss federal Institute of Technology EPFL is to carry out fundamental research in the field geomechanics applied to CO2 geological storage. The scientific activities are developed in the context of the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research – Supply of Electricity (, where the role and the contribution of geo-energies for a sustainable supply of electricity is analyzed.

Ongoing research at the Chair investigates the aspects related to caprock characterization, induced seismicity, thermo-hydro-chemo-mechanical analyses. The position in particular aims at analyzing the multiphysical processes occurring in shale caprock with an experimental, theoretical, and numerical approach.

Suitable candidates must have a PhD in Geomechanics, with a strong background in Geotechnical Engineering, Porous/Fluid mechanics and Numerical methods. Candidates are expected to be capable of developing their own independent research, and to have outstanding scientific reporting and communication skills, as well as very good teamwork attitude. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview at the EPFL.

We are offering excellent research facilities and a competitive salary (81’000 CHF/year). The EPFL offers an outstanding international environment full of training and development opportunities. We are looking for motivated candidates ready to undertake advanced experimental and numerical work within our team. The position foresees the participation to projects currently ongoing, and the part-time supervision of M.Sc. and PhD students.

The position is now open and will start on October 1st 2019 or upon agreement. Suitable candidates should send their application, consisting of motivation letter describing interests and qualifications and the CV, to the following email address:

Positions section in the EPFL website: link

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