PHD position at CEA and University of Bordeaux

Closing date : End of December 2019

key words : Discrete Element Method, Ceramic Material, Dynamic Shock

This thesis aims to make a significant advance in the modeling of fracture behaviors occurring in ceramics against high and short loadings. Laser shock will be specifically studied and will be the main application in this work. The dynamic behavior of such ceramics are currently modeled with homogenized techniques and are limited when fracture occurs. In this thesis, the Discrete Element Method (DEM) will be investigated to simulate a laser shock. Complex fracture behavior such as initiation, rapid propagation and coalescence must be obtained and validated with experimental datas at the CEA. The DEM is also developed for more than ten years at the Institute of Mechanics and Engineering of Bordeaux especially in the simulation of brittle materials.

A full detail of the thesis and contacts can be accessed in the link

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