Site Administrator Succession

Dear ALERT community,

After two years, 250 posts and a quarter million notification emails sent, the time has come. It is not without regret that I leave the website administrator role and other direction duties; being in the core of the ALERT Bureau alongside with Frédéric Collin has been a thrilling adventure for me. I had the honour to be the successor of Max Wiebicke, he did such a remarkable task that we still praise his legacy nowadays. François Bertrand is next to take the relay; I am convinced of his capacity to do the job in the most efficient manner.

Thanks to everyone and goodbye,

Albert Argilaga Claramunt

11 thoughts on “Site Administrator Succession

  1. Thank you Albert for all your work and what you have brought to the ALERT community. Thanks again for all the advice you have given me to ensure a successful succession. I wish you all the best in your new position!

  2. Thank you Albert, I will miss the small recall of you brought incidentally by the ALERT messages you were diffusing. Let’s keep in contact in your new job far from Europe !

  3. Thank you Sir. I have been subscribing your website since last month and enjoyed you posts and email notification during this time. Good job.
    Also, I am a Geotechnical engineer and WordPress website designer, I would be more than happy to help this website team if you need any help that I can do.

    Best wishes,

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