PhD and Postdoc positions in Infrastructure Geotechnics at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

The Geotechnics Research Group (GRG) in Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering (ACE) at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, is looking for PhD students and  Postdoctoral Researchers in Infrastructure Geotechnics (max. two positions each). The applicants are expected to be passionate about introducing/developing the state-of-the-art of modelling and testing of coupled processes (thermo-hydro-mechanical) into geotechnical engineering. The current research projects in infrastructure geotechnics include application of deep mixing under road and railway embankments and bottom support of excavations, as well as modelling natural and man-made slopes etc. These are problems, where the coupling of mechanical, hydraulic and thermal response, as well as soil-structure interaction, is important. The applicants are expected to engage with industry, to create innovative solutions for major stakeholders. In parallel with research,  the applicants are expected to contribute to teaching at undergraduate or Masters level (typically max. 10%-20% of their time), with focus on Geotechnical Engineering. The positions area temporary research positions (4-5 years for PhD, 2 years for Postdoc), fully funded by external research projects.

GRG at Chalmers is led by Prof. Minna Karstunen, and consists currently of 10 full-time researchers, supported by two research engineers. Minna has been engaged with ALERT since 1995 and Prof. Jelke Dijkstra is representing Chalmers in ALERT Board. The main research focus is geotechnical modelling and its applications in engineering practice, integrating advanced soil testing with model development, implementation and application. In addition to the applications above, the group conducts fundamental research that underpins the more applied research, using physics-based approaches. The new GEO lab at ACE (2020) has unique climate-controlled laboratory facilities for soft soil testing and in-house prototype development. The research operations are complemented by advanced testing for industry, linked to the challenges of major infrastructure projects, such as West Link project and High Speed rail. The lab is supported by well-staffed and equipped mechanical workshop. GRG hascomputational facilities incorporating the latest developments for computational work.

More information on the positions and how to apply:

PhD student positions in Infrastructure Geotechnics:

Postdoc positions in Infrastructure Geotechnics:

Note: All positions at Chalmers are salaried positions, with paid holidays, parental and sickness leaves, plus a provision for future pension. The typical starting salaries (brutto) are 31000 and 37000 SEK/month, respectively, for PhD students and post-docs.

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