14th Euroconference in Rock mechanics and Rock Physics

Dear all,

I hope you and your families are keeping well!

On behalf of the organisation committee of the 14th Euroconference on Rock Mechanics and Rock Physics, I have the pleasure to let you know that the

14th Euroconference on Rock Mechanics and Rock Physics will take place from the 30th of August to the 3rd of September 2021 in Glasgow (Scotland).

The themes of the conference are presented in the following video:

Please note that this is a very first announcement for you to save the days, please. Further information on the conference (including the organisation committee, the registration fee and abstract submission) will follow towards the end of the year in the conference website.

Until then, it would be great if you could participate in the survey below and provide your feedback, please.


See you all in late summer 2021!

Best wishes,


One thought on “14th Euroconference in Rock mechanics and Rock Physics

  1. Dear all,

    It would be great if the 14th Euroconference could be held in person, however, if it is not possible due to the pandemic, maybe one could consider to postpone it for a year? I had the pleasure to take part in the conference a few times since it started with the first series of three, and in my opinion, the value and attraction of this conference did not only lie in the high quality of the scientific presentations but also in fruitful exchange and numerous discussions between the participants during the whole days, facilitated by the close proximity and the inspiring and friendly atmosphere.

    Thank you, stay safe,

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