Three Assistant Professors in Earth Sciences at Utrecht University

The Department of Earth Sciences at Utrecht University is seeking outstanding candidates (f/m) to fill three tenure-track positions in Earth Sciences at the Assistant Professor level. We may consider a higher-level appointment for one of the positions. The department’s mission is to advance our understanding and prediction capability of processes that govern the evolution of System Earth from the molecular to the planetary and from the microsecond to the geological time scale. Our ambition is to be a world-leading centre of excellence in scientific research as well as research training and teaching, and to contribute in a meaningful way to the challenges of a modern, sustainable society by acquiring new and fundamental geo-scientific knowledge and by directly addressing societal challenges related to the field of earth sciences.

Within the context of this mission and ambition, we seek enthusiastic scientists and educators who are able to develop their own internationally recognised research line in any field within the Earth Sciences. We are especially interested in research complementary (in field and/or techniques) to that already conducted in our department with the exclusion of themes covered in our sister department of Physical Geography and the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht.

See attachment for more information. You can also contact Prof Jack Middelburg, head of department, via j.b.m.middelburg@uu. nl.
You may also wish to visit our research pages at

The application deadline is March 15, 2021.

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