14th Euroconference on Rock Physics and Rock Mechanics -Abstract submission

Dear colleagues,

I hope you are keeping well!

The 14th Euroconference on Rock Physics and Rock Mechanics will be in Scotland from the 30th of August to the 3rd of September 2021. Given COVID19 (travel restrictions and lockdown measures), the conference will take place virtually.

The session themes are:

  1. Subsurface deformation processes: from fracturing to friction and beyond
  2. Thermo-chemo-hydro-mechanical coupling
  3. Non-destructive testing in rock mechanics and rock physics
  4. Visualising and quantifying rock deformation and multi-phase flow interactions
  5. From lab to field: scaling relationships
  6. Energy storage: CO2, H, cold/heat
  7. Energy Extraction: shallow/deep geothermal, oil/gas
  8. UKGEOS: case studies and on-going research
  9. Open session on Rock Mechanics and Rock Physics

The abstract submission is now open. To submit your abstract, please follow the instructions that can be found in our website: https://www.euroconference2021.org/

During the following days, our website will be populated with all other useful information related to the 14th Euroconference on Rock Physics and Rock Mechanics.

See you all (virtually) on the 30th of August for a fascinating week of science!

Best wishes,

Elma (On behalf of the organising committee)

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