PHD Position on “Triggering and propagation of liquefaction in brittle geotechnical materials” at CIMNE-UPC (Barcelona, Spain)

3 year fully funded PhD. Application deadline: 31st May 2021

Liquefaction of brittle geotechnical materials (such as hydraulic fills, mine tailings, landfills and sensitive or quick clays) causes catastrophic failures leading to major environmental disasters, crippling economic disruption and, often, losses of human life. Examples are the failure of Prat quay in Barcelona Port, the failure of Aznalcóllar dam or the failure of Brumadinho tailing dam in Brazil where 270 people lost their lives. The candidate will join the group led by Professors Antonio Gens and Marcos Arroyo, which, in recent years, has developed numerical methods addressing this phenomenon. The outcome would be a simulation tool able to predict the potential for liquefaction-driven failures and to assist in the design of preventive measures in a wide range of engineering problems.

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