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Dear ALERT community,

After twenty months, it is time for me to leave my role as website administrator of ALERT.  In collaboration with the Director of ALERT, Frédéric Collin, it was a great honor for me to be your privileged contact and to bring you almost daily announcements related to the geomaterials field. I am happy my last announcement means the ALERT community can meet again in Aussois in September 2021. Despite the particular period we went through, I noticed many events were organized in our field. All of you who were involved in these events should be congratulated for this!

In total, with the open position announcements, I scheduled nearly 250 posts. Actually, my only regret is not staying long enough to beat my predecessor, Albert Argilaga Claramunt, who did an incredible job.

I also thank Bertrand François (ALERT PhD Prize Winner 2009) who was nice enough to forward me your emails when some of you confused us 😀  For those of you who never noticed that we were two different people, I am sure you won’t see the difference in the future. As I leave, there will always be an office in our name in Liège…

I am now handing over to my colleague Arthur Fanara who, I am convinced, will do this job with dedication.

Thanks to everyone and long life to ALERT-Geomaterials!

François Bertrand

16 thoughts on “Website administration succession

  1. Thank you for the diligent work! Your announcements have been very important during the pandemic because webinars were almost the only way to keep scientific meetings happening. During this time I have attended many webinars that I’m sure, if they had existed only in the form of conference I would not have attended. Thanks for the mention! I think that I can understand your feelings right now, leaving the duties in the ALERT community and the geomechanics group in Liege University can be a heartbreaking process. Good luck in your new position!

  2. Thank you so much for the great work! I have attended some top-quality webinars in the domain of Geomechanics, only because of the announcements you posted here.
    All the best for your future endeavours. Take care. ❤️

  3. Many thanks indeed. It has been a great job, keeping us informed.
    All the best for you in the future!!
    Manolo Pastor

  4. Thank you very much, Dr. François. I’ve been following this website for more than 5 years and I think we feel much more connected due to informative and updated information you provided us. Thanks again for your great job, commitment and dedication!!!

    Dung Nguyen – Montreal, Canada.

  5. Can I add my slightly belated thanks? It was great to feel that at least one part of the world was still working properly.

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