Presentations of the ALERT Doctoral School 2001

ALERT Doctoral School 2001

11th-13th October 2001, Aussois, France
“Environmental Geomechanics”
Coordination: R. Charlier and A. Gens

Day 1, Thursday, October 11

  • Fundamentals of THM phenomena in saturated and unsaturated materials. General formulation. Thermal and hydraulic constitutive laws (A. Gens)
  • Numerical modeling of coupled transient phenomena (R. Charlier)
  • Pollutant transport and chemical effects  (H. Thomas)

Day 2, Friday, October 12

  • Experimental techniques used in the investigation of coupled THMC behaviour of geomaterials (P. Delage)
  • Constitutive modeling of unsaturated soils (L.Laloui)
  • Experimental investigation on degradation of concrete structures (B. Gerard)
  • Pollutant transport and chemical effects (H. Thomas)

Day 3, Saturday, October 13

  • Thermomechanical behaviour of soils (L.Laloui)
  • Clay barriers in radioactive waste disposals  (A. Gens)
  • Oil field subsidence phenomena (R. Charlier)
  • Basic concepts of durability of concrete. structure (O. Coussy)



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