Presentations of the ALERT Doctoral School 2004

ALERT Doctoral School 2004

14th-16h October 2004, Aussois, France
“Failure, Degradation and Instabilities in Geomaterials”
Coordination: I. Vardoulakis and P. Mira

Day 1, Thursday, October 14

  • Liapunov stability (R. Chambon)
  • Uniqueness and bifurcation in boundary value problems (D. Caillerie)
  • Failure conditions and flow-rules of geomaterials (F. Darve)
  • Controllability in geomaterials (R. Nova)

Day 2, Friday, October 15

  • Experimental observations in soils (J. Desrues)
  • Second grade continua (I. Vardoulakis)
  • Fracture mechanics in rocks (C. Scavia)

Day 3, Saturday, October 16

  • Non local damage theory for concrete (M. Jirasek)
  • Failure problems in soils (P. Mira)
  • Failure problems in rocks (E. Papamichos)





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