Presentations of the ALERT Doctoral School 2005

ALERT Doctoral School 2005

13th-16th October 2005, Aussois, France
“Coupled multi-physics processes in geomechanics”
Coordination: R. Charlier, L. Laloui and G. Pijaudier-Cabot

Day 1, Thursday, October 13

Day 2, Friday, October 14

Day 3, Saturday, October 15

Day 4, Sunday, October 16

  • Using natural analogues in assessing long term effects of nuclear waste disposal in clays: a case study(T. Hueckel)
  • Modelling of the THM behaviour of unsaturated clay applied to nuclear waste storage (R. Charlier)
  • Tunnelling in clay/claystone for nuclear waste disposal : hydromechanical coupling and strain localisation (R. Charlier)
  • New data about surface subsidence above gas reservoirs (B. Schrefler)
  • Possible CO2 injection in aquifers below Venice (B. Schrefler)
  • Experimental and numerical investigations of the behaviour of a heat exchanger pile (L. Laloui)
  • A field case: A geologic excursion around Aussois, with emphasis to hydro-mechanical coupling and to rock ageing and weathering (Ch. Schroeder)


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