Presentations of the ALERT Workshop 2002

ALERT Workshop 2002
7th-9th October 2002, Aussois, France

Geomechanics for Natural Hazards
Coordinators: L. Vulliet and C. Viggiani

  • Analysis of post-failure slope movements within the framework of hazard and risk analysis (J. Vaunat and S. Leroueil)
  • Integral risk management : a case study (E. Prina, C. Bonnard and L. Vulliet)
  • Influence of spatial variability on slope stability (M.A. Hicks)
  • Triggering mechanisms of flow slides : a case study (L. Cascini)
  • RNVO: an integrated approach to risk assessment and mitigation (J. Mazars)
  • Landslides : the questions of the decision-makers and the answers of the modelisation (C. Scavia and M. Castelli)
  • Modelling of fast landslides triggered by earthquakes (J.A. Fernandéz Merodo and M. Pastor)
  • Identification of geotechnical factors for seismic hazard evaluation (G. Lanzo)
  • Dynamic stiffness of foundation embedded in layered half-space based on wave propagation in cones (M. Preisig and J.P. Wolf)
  • Numerical and constitutive modelling of liquefaction (A. Chan)
  • Constitutive law for shear strength of rock joints based on quantitative 3-dimensional surface parameter (G. Grasselli)
  • Instabilities in natural media: the case of loading paths with constant q (G. Servant and F. Darve)
  • Strain softening of normally consolidated clays (M. Karstunen)
  • Laboratory experiments of rockfall impacts on granular slopes (B. Heidenreich and V. Labiouse)
  • Rock fall protection : impact effects on concrete structures (P. Berthet-Rambaud, Y. Timsah, L. Daudeville and J.Mazars)

Geomechanics for Energy Production
Coordinators: I. Vardoulakis and V. De Gennaro

  •  Fluidization of granular media in artesian flow conditions (I. Vardoulakis)
  • Micromechanical simulations of rock sanding problem (I. Carol)
  • Volumetric sand production : experiments and modelling (E. Papamichos)
  • Modelling of sand production in heavy oil reservoir (J.F. Shao and P. Marchina)
  • Numerical modelling of hydro-mechanical fracture behaviour (C. Guiducci , A. Pellegrino, J.P. Radu, F. Collin and R. Charlier)
  • Non-local transport model due to adsorption in fractured porous media
    (J. Lewandowska, S. Empereur, J.L. Auriault and P. Royer)
  • Elastic wave propagation in stressed granular materials : discrete particle vs laboratory vs effective medium modelling (R.M. Holt and L. Li)
  • Hydromechanical behaviour of rock joints from laboratory tests – preliminary results
    (J. Hans and M. Boulon)
  • Water activity and chalk strength (R. Risnes, M. Hole and N. Kwabiah)
  • On suction and capillary pressure in high porosity chalks (V. De Gennaro, P. Delage, Y.J. Cui, C. Schroeder and R. Charlier)
  • Gas hydrates effect on seafloor slope stability : application to the Storrega slide
    (N. Sultan, P. Cochonat, J.P. Foucher, J. Mienert , H. Haflidason and H.P. Sejrup)
  • THM-geochemical analysis of damage formation around boreholes
    (A. Gens, L. Guimaraes, N. Do and S. Olivella)
  • A THM study of thermal consolidation (A. Blaisonneau and L. Laloui)
  • Application of localization concepts to the onset of preferential fluid paths in unsaturated deformable media (J. Vaunat, A. Gens and I. Pontes Filho)
  • Dependency law for thermal evolution of preconsolidation pressure (C. Cekerevac, L. Laloui and L. Vulliet)
  • Numerical analysis of non-isothermal multiphase geomaterials with application to strain localisation simulation of initially water saturated soils (D. Gawin, F. Pesavento, M. Rossetto, L. Sanavia and B.A. Schrefler)
  • Microstructure of shear zones in granular rock (J. Sulem and A. El Bied)

Geomechanics for Cultural Heritage Preservation
Coordinators: R. Nova and J. Sicard

  • Behaviour of buildings and monuments over centuries (M. Moranville)
  • Atmospheric pollution and stone material in the Cultural Heritage (R. Lefèvre)
  • Conception of durable buildings for many years to come (D. Damidot and J. Sicard)
  • Geomechanical vulnerability of historical monuments and sites : some examples and analysis method (T. Verdel)
  • Predictive modelling to improve service life of concrete (S. Kamali)
  • Constitutive models for coupling creep and fracture of concrete structures
    (M. Omar, G. Pijaudier-Cabot and A. Loukili)
  • Mechanical characterisation of natural building stones : observation of the fracture process zone by ESPI (F. Calvetti, G. Cardani, A. Meda)
  • Response of buildings to underground works (R. Kastner)
  • A comparison between various type tests for measuring the tensile strength of soft rocks or natural building stones (R. Lagioia and R. Nova)
  • A methodology for building vulnerability assessment in mining subsidence area (O. Deck)
  • Mechanical properties of the Dionyssos-Pentelikon marble (I. Vardoulakis)
  • A seismic analysis of the Heraion column at Samos (F. Calvetti and R. Nova)
  • Dynamical effects of soil collapses on constructions (A. A. Fayad)
  • Improvement of mechanical properties of sands by grouting
    (S. Ambert, L. Vulliet and L. Laloui)
  • Evolution of elastic properties of unbound sands and grouted sands
    (C. Dano and P.-Y. Hicher)

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