Presentations of the ALERT Workshop 2005

ALERT Workshop 2005
10th-12th October 2005, Aussois, France

Solid-liquid phase transition and transport phenomena
Coordinators: I. Vardoulakis, F. Dufour and H. Steeb

  • Analysis of transport phenomena in geomaterials and engineering application (C.E. Majorana, V.A.Salomoni)
  • Permeability test on concrete or soils (J.-F. Shao)
  • Interaction between damage – temperature – load level and permeability in structural concrete (M. Choinska, G. Pijaudier-Cabot, A. Khelid)
  • Discrete element modeling of sand erosion in the sand production test (E. Papamichos and L. Li)
  • Solid-Liquid phase transition phenomena within compressible and incompressible fluid-flow through porous media (H. Steeb, S. Diebels and I. Vardoulakis)
  • Multiphase flow processes in deformable porous materials: Theoretical framework and numerical realization (W. Ehlers and T. Graf)
  • Transport of ions through porous media (D. Kuhl)
  • On shear heating of fault gouges (J. Sulem)
  • Simulating the saturation front using a fractional diffusion model (E. Gerolymatou, I. Vardoulakis and R. Hilfer)
  • Coupling Transport of Chemical Species and Damage In Bonded Geomaterials
    (A.Fernandez-Merodo, R.Castellanza, M.Pastor and R.Nova)
  • Parametric study of internal erosion on sand-clay samples (D. Marot, F. Bendahmane and A. Alexis)
  • Coupling Transport of Chemical Species and Damage In Bonded Geomaterials (J. A. Fernandez-Merodo, R. Castellanza, M. Pastor and R. Nova)
  • Liquid phase transition in catastrophic landslides (E. Veveakis, I. Vardoulakis)
  • Stochastic evaluation of liquefaction potential of 3-D slopes (M.A. Hicks)
  • Homogenization modelling coupled to an iterative process of experimentally compacted fine-grained sediments (S. Smaoui, A. Benhamida, I. Djeran-Maigre, H. Dumontet)

Geostructural dynamics and waves in geomaterials
Coordinators: J. Mazars and D. Muir Wood

  • Wavelet analysis of pulse test signals in soils (M. Arroyo)
  • Analytical and numerical solutions for non-isothermal wave propagation (A. Gajo)
  • Wave propagation in fluid-soil coupled material (K. Soga)
  • Experimental studies of wave propagation in soil samples (P. Greening)
  • Surface wave propagation in soils (S. Foti)
  • Waves in soils (C. Lai)
  • Assessment of damage distribution and evolution in geomaterials using elastic waves (S. Hall)
  • Dynamic testing of geomaterials with a large Hopkinson bar (G. Salomos)
  • Behaviour under impact and confined compression of reinforced mortar (P. Forquin)
  • Site effects in Alpine valleys : The Grenoble case (P.Y. Bard)
  • European project on mitigation of seismic response of existing foundations (D. M. Wood)
  • Physical modelling (M. Dietzl)
  • Numerical modelling (D. Pitilakis)
  • Soil-Structure interaction under seismic loading : a simplified approach (S. Grange)
  • Numerical modelling of underground structures instabilities occurred during the Bam earthquake (F. Pellet)
  • Dynamic analysis of a poroelastic layered soil. Application to an earth dam under seismic loading (V. H. Nguyen, L. Vuillet)
  • Cyclic behavior of two dimensional polygonal-shaped granular material (E. Vincens)

Advances in experimental methods
Coordinators: G. Pijaudier-Cabot and E. Romero

  • Compressibility behaviour of clays under high stresses: experimental and theoretical approach (W. Kessler, S. Tripathy and T. Schanz)
  • Experimental quest of diffuse failure in sand (I.-O. Georgopoulos and J. Desrues)
  • Updating of geomechanical models on the basis of experimental data using the Ensemble Kalman Filter (F.Molenkamp and A. Hommels)
  • Thermo-mechanical testing of saturated and unsaturated soils (L. Laloui and E. Romero)
  • An improved oedometer apparatus to measure lateral stress during testing (L. F. Gareau and F. Molenkamp)
  • X-ray micro tomography for studying localized deformation in clay rocks under triaxial compression (N. Lenoir, G. Viggiani, P. Bésuelle. and J. Desrues)
  • Experimental study of structure evolution in a double porosity soil using neutron tomography (A. Koliji, L. Vulliet and L. Laloui)
  • EIT oedometer – an advanced cell to study hydro-chemo-mechanical processes (B. Comina, S. Foti, R. Lancellotta, G. Musso and E. Romero)
  • Monitoring fracture propagation in a soft rock (Neapolitan Tuff) using acoustic emissions and digital images (S.A. Hall, F. de Sanctis and G. Viggiani)
  • Experimental characterization of the self healing of cracks in concrete (S.Granger, A.Loukili, G.Pijaudier-Cabot)
  • Scratch test for determination of mechanical properties and damage diagnosis in natural building stones (A. Chatzis, I. Larsen and E. Papamichos)
  • Triaxial Luong-type specimens for the determination of confined fracture properties of concrete (D. Sfer, O.I. Montenegro and I. Carol)
  • Nanoindentation of cementitious composites (J. Nemecek and Z. Bittnar)

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