Presentations of the ALERT Workshop 2007

ALERT Workshop 2007
8th-10th October 2007, Aussois, France

Geomechanics of Structured Materials
Coordinators: L. Laloui and V. De Gennaro

  • Geotechnical framework incorporating the effects of microstructuration and destructuration of soils (S Leroueil)
  • A tentative model for lunar soils (P.-Y. Hicher, C. Chang)
  • A Comprehensive constitutive model for unsaturated structured soils (A. Koliji, L. Vulliet, L. Laloui)
  • A modelling framework for bonded soils under unsaturated conditions (J. Vaunat, B. Garitte, A. Gens)
  • Modelling of natural structured clays using elastoplastic and hypoplastic models (D. Mašín)
  • A multilaminate model with destructuration considering anisotropic strength and anisotropic bonding (V. Galavi and H.F. Schweiger
  • Development of advance soil model for natural soils in the presence of both anisotropy and in situ structure (M. Rouainia and R.A. Hiley)
  • A constitutive model for unsaturated and anisotropic soils (F. Ciavaglia, A. Russell, D. M. Wood)
  • Elastoplastic damage modelling of oil sand (J.F. Shao, D. Terrie, M. Mainguy)
  • Abandoned mine remediation measures by chamber filling with granular materials (R. Nova, E. Gerolymatou, R. Castellanza)
  • Three dimensional finite element formulation of boundary value problems involving geomaterials with microstructure (S. Papanicolopulos, A. Zervos, I. Vardoulakis)
  • The influence of structure on the mechanics of sands (M. Coop)
  • Structure effects in SBPM tests (M. Arroyo, N. González, J. Butlanska, A. Gens)
  • Experimental investigations of sand/clay paste mixtures (G. Kacprzak, C. Boutin, T. Doanh)
  • On the mechanical behaviour of deep ocean sediments of the Golf of Guinea: sensitivity, structuration and microstructural characterization (M.H. Le, J.F. Nauroy, P. Delage, V. De Gennaro)
  • An approach to the interpretation of the mechanical behaviour of intensely fissured clays (C. Vitone, F. Cotecchia, J. Desrues, G. Viggiani)
  • Weathering of gypsum and anhydrite: an experimental study (R. Castellanza, M. Parma, R. Nova)
  • Degradation of compacted marls – a micro structural investigation (R. Cardoso, E. Alonso)
  • Structuration effects of CO2 biomineralization in carbonate rocks (V. De Gennaro, B. Menez, R. Tamagnini, S. Dupraz)
  • Solids production in destructured chalk (E. Papamichos, R. Flatebø, J. Stenebråten)
  • A Specific upscaling theory of rock mass parameters exhibiting spatial variability for underground excavation design (G. Exadaktilos, M.C. Stavropoulou, G. Saratsis)
  • Reconstruction of the 3D textures of deformed rocks (K. Wu, G. Couples, Z. Jiang)
  • Geostatistical downscaling of fracture surface topography and its impact on fluid flow through fracture (G. Grasselli, H. Saito, S.A. McKenna)

Inverse and Stochastic Modelling
Coordinators: F. Molenkam and M. Hicks

  • 3D probabilistic assessment of rock slope stability (E. Buaba, M. A. Hicks)
  • On some aspects of modelling of soil properties for bearing capacity computations of shallow foundations (W. Pula)
  • Reliability-based analysis and design of foundations resting on a spatially random soil (A.-H. Soubra, D. S. Youssef Abdel Massih)
  • Stochastic finite element method applied to mechanical problems involving a random process (J. Baroth)
  • Parallel finite elements and stochastic analysis in geo-engineering (M. A. Hicks, J. Nuttall and W. A. Spencer)
  • Stochastic characterisation and reliability of saturated soils (S. Bakhtiari, M. A. Hicks, S. Y. Wong, I. Gitman and M. G. Jefferies)
  • Influence of variability of geotechnical data on the seismic ground response: liquefaction cases (F. Lopez-Caballero, A. Modaressi)
  • The development of a reliability rating system for flood defence embankments (M. Redaelli, M. Dyer)
  •  “Observational modelling” for displacements prediction of geotechnical engineering boundary value problems (M. Calvello,  L. Cascini)
  • Inverse analysis from in situ measurements: soil parameter identification using a
    genetic algorithm and a principle component analysis (S. Levasseur, Y. Malécot, M. Boulon and E. Flavigny)
  • Use of two inverse analysis methods to identify the soil parameters during a tunnel
    excavation (A. Hommels and F. Molenkamp)
  • Use of two inverse analysis methods to identify the soil parameters during a tunnel
    excavation (S. Eclaircy-Caudron, D. Dias and R. Kastner)
  • The effect of different stochastic models on inverse modelling (A. Hommels and F. Molenkamp)
  • Uncertainty assessment in surface wave tests using a Monte Carlo approach
    (D. Boiero, V. Socco and S. Foti)
  • Identification of model parameters supported by artificial intelligence (R. F. Obrzud, L. Vulliet and A. Truty)
  • Inverse constitutive modelling of the thermoplastic behaviour of soils (F. Cecinato, M. Veveakis, A. Zervos and I. Vardoulakis)
  • Interpretation of the resistance reduction in CPT after jet grouting (I. Herle and D. Dohmel)
  • Recent advances in debris flow and landslide modelling (K. Hutter)

Time-Dependent Processes in Geomechanics
Coordinators: P.Y. Hicher and  M. Karstunen

  • Modelling of the Combined Effect of Strain Rate and Temperature on One-Dimensional Compression of Soils (L. Laloui and S. Leroueil)
  • Anisotropic modelling of creep in soft soils (M. Leoni and M. Karstunen)
    Modelling Time-dependent Behaviour of Structured Natural Clays (Z.-Y. Yin and M. Karstunen)
  • Seasonal changes in creep velocity of slopes (B. Schneider-Muntau and W. Fellin Wolfgang)
  • Viscous rate effect in fine grained soils and their impact on rapid load pile testing
    (S.Brown, M.John)
  • Dependency of the mechanical behaviour of granular soils on loading frequency:
    experimental results and constitutive modeling (C. Zambelli and C. di Prisco)
  • Frequency effect for the Leman Sand under complex stress paths (E. Rascol and L. Vuillet)
  • Strain Localization in Sensitive Soft Clays (V. Thakur)
  • Modelling time dependent processes in partially saturated geomaterials (V. De Gennaro and J. M. Pereira)
  • Modelling of cavitation and rapid water desaturation of porous media considering
    effects of dissolved air (L. Sanavia and D. Gawin)
  • Ageing effects in compacted bentonites : a microstructure approach (P. Delage, D.Marcial and Yu Jun Cui)
  • Cementation Effects on mechanical properties of remolded quick clay in deep mix
    stabilization (P. Bujulu, A. Sorta, G.Priol, A. Emdal and R. Sandven)
  • Laboratory modeling of cemented bond in clay (J. Trhlikova and J. Bohac)
  • Multi-scales modelling for the delayed deformation and durability of cement-based
    materials (F. Grondin, M. Bouasker, A. Khelidj, A. Loukili, P. Mounanga, and E.Rozière)
  • Size effect analysis of concrete beams submitted to creep (F. Dufour, G. Pijaudier-Cabot, T. Baxevanis and M. Bottoni)
  • Time dependant behaviour in rock materials due to chemical and physical
    degradation (J.F. Shao, Q.Z. Zhu, S.Y. Xie and D. Kondo)
  • Effect of various saturation fluids on the mechanical behavior of sandstones (G. Barakos, E. Papamichos and G. Exadaktylos)
  • Experimental and numerical study of tunnel face collapse with analogue and 3D
    numerical modeling (P. Vardoulakis, M. Stavropoulou, I. Vardoulakis and G. Exadaktylos)
  • Mobilisation of Earth Pressure on Supporting Plates of TBM (M. Arnold and M. Kupka)

Special ALERT Lecture 2007
Prof. Kolumban Hutter , professor at ETH Zurich


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