Presentations of the ALERT Workshop 2008

ALERT Workshop 2008
6th-8th October 2008, Aussois, France

Multiphysics of multiphase materials
Coordinators: E. Papamichos and L. Sanavia

  • Stress measures in partially-saturated porous media mechanics (Schrefler, Pesavento, Gray)
  • Double-way hydro-mechanical coupling for advance constitutive modelling of unsaturated soils (Nuth, Laloui)
  • Discrete modelling of unsaturated granular materials with capillary effects (Scholtes, Chareyre, Nicot, Darve)
  • The effect of mineral decomposition as a mechanism of fault weakening during seismic slip (Sulem)
  • A two-scale poromechanics model (Frey, Chambon, Dascalu)
  • A double-porosity model of solute dispersion in unsaturated geomaterials (Lewandowska, Ngok, Bertin, Vauclin)
  • Extension of Darcy’s law for thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemo coupling (Chen, Hicks)
  • Water breakthrough on cavity tests (Papamichos)
  • In situ hydraulic response of low permeability anisotropic materials to thermal loading (Garitte, Vaunat, Gens)
  • Convective drying tests of silt: experimental studies and modelling (Gerard, Joao, Leonard, Charlier, Collin)
  • Poroelastic constants of a limestone (Ramos da Silva, Schroeder, Vebrugge)
  • Electro-kinetic treatments of natural clays: experimental aspects (Jommi, Musso, Tamagnini)
  • Numerical modelling of electrokinetic treatments of natural clays (Tamagnini, Cattaneo, Jommi, Musso)
  • Numerical modeling of wave propagation processes in partially-saturated rocks (Steeb, Chen, Schmalholz)
  • Thermo-hydro-mechanica simulation of Atlas in situ large-scale test in Boom clay (Laloui, Francois)
  • A SPH depth-integrated model with pore pressure coupling for fast landslides and related phenomena (Pastor, Blanc, Pastor, Sanchez, Haddad, Mira, Fernandez-Merodo, Herreros, Drempetic)
  • Collapsing soil/living quicksand: Discrete modelling and experiment (Kadau, Andrade, Herrmann)

Field and laboratory testing
Coordinators: P. Delage and M. Arroyo

  • Characterizing methane hydrates: challenges in the field and laboratory (Clayton)
  • Experimental study of thermal pressurization phenomenon in geomaterials (Ghazbeloo, Sulem)
  • A soils mechanics approach to reservoir sandstones (Alvarado, Coop)
  • Elastic stiffness anisotropy of clay samples radially compressed along different stress ratio triaxial paths (Mitaritonna, Amorosi, Cotecchia)
  • Monitoring uniform and non-uniform diffusion processes in laboratory samples with electric tomography (Comina, Foti, Musso)
  • Experimental investigations of internal erosion of cohesive soil (Benhamed, Bonelli)
  • Calibration of a DEM granular flow model aiming at forecasting snow avalanches pressure (Favier, Daudon, Donze, Mazars)
  • Physical modelling of inertial and kinematic soil-pile interactions with centrifuge (Chenaf, Chazelas)
  • Advanced procedures to obtain geotechnical parameters for the design of deepwater oil and gas structures (Puech)
  • Preconsolidation pressure from piezocone data: examples in continental slopes of the western Mediterranea (Lafuerza, Sultan, Frigola, Canals)
  • Material behaviour of organic soils (Mathijssen, Molekamp, Boyle, Long)
  • Monitoring moisture changes in unsaturated soils: a case history (Caruso, Jommi)
  • Monitoring field soil suction using a miniature tensiometer (Cui, Tang, Mantho, De Laure)
  • Effect of concrete age on pile integrity testing (Wu, Aschauer)
  • Extreme expansive phenomena in a tunnel excavated through gypsiferous-anhydritic claystones (Berdugo, Alonso, Romero, Gens)
  • Quantifying the size effect of rock-mass strength (Cundall)

Localisation in geomaterials
Coordinators: J. Desrues and A. Zervos

  • Micro-features observed in tests on particulate materials (Wood, Ibraim, Hall, Viggiani, Lesniewska)
  • Influence of the non-uniformity of the stress field in the formation of compaction bands during oedometric loading (Castellanza, Gerolymatou, Nova, Vardoulakis)
  • X-ray muCT and 3D digital image correlation to study localised deformation in geomaterials under triaxial compressionto (Hall, Lenoir, Viggiani, B├ęsuelle, Desrues, Bornert, Pannier)
  • Experimental study of pulverization near active faults (Doan, Gary)
  • Localised and diffuse failures in granular materials: competing mechanisms (Nicot, Darve)
  • Strength and instabilities in model granular materials: microscopic viewpoint (Roux, Froiio)
  • Loss of stability versus loss of controllability in granular materials (Daouadji, Al, Jrad, Darve)
  • Acoustic tensor criterion as a consistency check in a micro-macro approach of the behaviour of granular solids (Nitka, Bilbie, Dascalu, Combe, Desrues)
  • Compaction bands in partially saturated soils (Buscarnera, Nova)
  • Bifurcation in gradient theory with softening behaviour (Fernandes, Chambon, Chavant)
  • Modeling Shear Band Formation with a 2D-Cosserat Model (Gerolymatou, Vardoulakis)
  • Shear localisation in thick-walled cylinders under internal pressure (Zervos)
  • On the numerical implementation of a multi-mechanism cyclic plasticity constitutive model associated to a simplified second gradient model (Foucault, Kham, Modaressi-Farahmand-Razavi, Voldoire)
  • Modelling of the permability evolution in the excavation disturbed zone around underground excavations (Levasseur, Collin, Charlier)
  • Modelling of failure in brittle materials with a non local micromechanics-based damage model (Zhu, Shao, Kondo)

Special ALERT Lecture 2008
Prof. Peter Cundall, ITASCA Consulting Group, Minneapolis

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