Presentations of the ALERT Workshop 2010

ALERT Workshop 2010
4th-6th October 2010, Aussois, France

Engineering geostructures
Coordinators: I. Herle and A. Gens

  • Finite element analysis of deep foundations and tunnels – practical applications (H.F. Schweiger and F. Tschuchnigg)
  • Application of a hypoplastic macroelement model to the analysis of SSI effects on structures (D. Salciarini and C. Tamagnini)
  • Analysis of ground movements induced by diaphragm wall installation (B. Garitte, M. Arroyo and A. Gens)
  • Change of soil state adjacent to a displacement pile during installation in a granular material (D. Jelke and B. Lundberg Anders)
  • Pressure and density effects in the behaviour of stone columns (E. Nacke and I. Herle)
  • Mechanical behaviour of geo-encased stone columns: small scale tests and numerical modelling (C. di Prisco and A. Galli)
  • Influence of creep and destructuration on the installation process of stone columns (D. Kamrat-Pietraszewska, J.Castro, R. Auvary and M. Karstunen)
  • Dynamic analysis of Rudbar Dam in Central Iran under earthquake loading (W. Wu, T.G. Berhe and M. Wieland)
  • Analysis of pavements under repeated loads using shakedown approach (J. Wang and H.-S. Yu)
  • Numerical modelling of settlement of motorway embankments on lumpy clay landfill (J. Najser, D. Masın and J. Bohac)
  • Statistical characterisation and modelling of hydraulic sandfill structures (M. A. Hicks, S. Bakhtiari, B. van den Eijden)
  • Numerical back-analysis of large scale hydraulic conductivity of the soil deposits of the Venezia Lagoon (E. Giacomini, F. Colleselli, F. Cattaneo, C. Jommi, G. Mayerle)
  • THM simulation of the behaviour of the engineered barrier system for a nuclear waste deep repository (F. Dupray, L. Laloui)

Mechanics of clay rocks
Coordinators: P. Besuelle and R. Charlier

  • First results of the fracturing geological model induced by the excavation of galleries in the ANDRA’s underground research laboratory (Y. Emonin, B. Noyère Boris, F. Leveau, C. Righini-Waz)
  • A laboratory investigation of thermally induced pore pressures in the Callovo-Oxfordian Argillite (M. Mohajerani, P. Delage, A.M. Tang, C. Schroeder)
  • A laboratory experimental study of strain localization in Boom clay (P. Bésuelle, G. Viggiani)
  • Effect of temperature on damage and transport properties of Opalinus Clay (M. Monfared, J. Sulem, P. Delage, E. De Laure)
  • Natural Mudrock Compaction: Lithology and State Controls (A. Aplin, Y. Yang, J. Moores, G. Couples, J. Ma)
  • On the geotechnical characterisation of a stiff medium fissured clay from Italy (C. Vitone, F. Cotecchia)
  • Two scale modelling for hydromechanical damage (J. Frey, R. Chambon, C. Dascalu)
  • Discrete approach for anisotropic damage modelling in anisotropic clay rocks (J.-F. Shao, L. Chen, G. Duveau)
  • Investigation of the fracturing process induced by desiccation in Tournemire argillites using digital image correlation (S. Hedan, P. Cosenza, P. Dudoignon, V. Valle, J. Cabrera, C. Laforest)
  • Tracking degradation of clayey rocks induced by hydraulic effects (J. A. Pineda, E. Romero, E. E. Alonso)
  • Water retention behaviour of clay rocks in temperature: experimental and numerical investigation (M. Rizzi, S. Salager, L. Laloui)
  • Application of a new thermo-mechanical model for the study of the nuclear waste disposal in clay rocks (D. Arnaud, F. Bertrand, F. Collin, R. Charlier)
  • An enhanced anisotropic constitutive model for cyclic behaviour of soft clay (R. Chen Rui, Z. Yin, C. Dano, P.-Y. Hicher)
  • Hydro-mechanical modelling of gas migration in undisturbed and disturbed clay barriers (P. Gérard, R. Charlier)

Chemo- and bio-mechanical couplings
Coordinators: J.F. Shao and B. Garitte

  • Keynote Lecture – Low temperature creep in Earth’s materials: effect of reactive fluids and transient deformations (F. Renard)
  • Keynote Lecture – Mechanisms of chemo-mechanical coupling in soils and their modelling (T. Hueckel)
  • Biogrout Propagation in Soil in the Framework of Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation (S. Fauriel. L. Laloui)
  • Experimental evidences and modelling criteria for microbiologically stabilised compacted soil (L. Morales Eduardo Garzòn, A. Giménez, G. Della Vecchia, C. Jommi, E. Romero)
  • Biological ground improvement (L. van Paassen)
  • Numerical simulation of CO2 injection into a wellbore: chemoporomechanical study of the cement sheath behaviour (J.-M. Pereira)
  • Experimental study and constitutive modelling of the bio-mechanical behaviour of wood sawdust (F. Collin)
  • Damage and changes in mechanical properties of a crystalline rock due to oxidation under high temperature (1000 °C) (F, Pollet)
  • Chemical degradation of a petroleum cement pastee (N. Burlion)
  • Chemo-mechanical coupling in rocks Experimental and Modelling Studies (M. V. Madland)
  • From material to structural analysis: the case of massive concrete structures at early-age (F. Benboudjema, M. Briffaut, L. Stefan, J.-M. Torrenti, G. Nahas)
  • Micromechanical modeling of IPS in chalk and application to creep deformation (D. Lydzba)
  • The influence of chemical potential on unsaturated low permeability deformable porous media (X. Chen and M.A. Hicks)
  • Modelling of deep foundation heave induced by crystal growth (Anna Ramon & Eduardo Alonso)

Special ALERT Lecture 2010
Prof. A.P.S. Selvadurai, professor at McGill University

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