Presentations of the ALERT Workshop 2013

ALERT Workshop 2013
30st September – 2nd October 2013, Aussois, France

Geomechanics in slopes
Coordinators: C. di Prisco and L. Cascini

  • From phenomenological to a geomechanical approach to landslide risk analysis and management (F. Cotecchia)
  • Hydromechanical hillslope processes triggering landslides (R. Borja)
  • Back-analysis of flowside events in underwater sandy slopes: a methodology based on stability criteria for fluid-saturated soils (G. Buscarnera, C. Mihalanche, A. Whittle)
  • Interpretation of landslide mechanisms based on numerical modelling: two case histories (P. Lollino, F. Cotecchia)
  • Multi-physics modelling of the initiation of shallow landslides based on Porous Media Mechanics (L. Sanavia, R. Ngaradoumbe Nanhornguè, B.A. Schrefler, G. Sorbino, L. Cascini)
  • Landslide mechanisms and structural damage assessment: geotechnical perspectives (C. Vitone, F. Palmisano, F. Cotecchia, F. Santaloia)
  • Multiscale approach for predicting slope instability (F. Nicot, F. Darve)
  • Evaluation of displacement patterns during an excavation using different constitutive models (K. Nitzsche, I. Herle)
  • A new approach for mudflow global simulation (N. Prime, F. Dufour, F. Darve)
  • DEM modelling of the impact forces against fixed vertical obstacles due to fast-moving landslides (F. Calvetti, E. Vitolo, L.Cascini, S. Ferlisi, C. di Prisco, E. Vairaktaris)
  • New advances for modelling debris flows and debris avalanches (S. Cuomo, L. Cascini, M. Pastor, G.C. Castorino, L. Piciullo)
  • Discrete Element Method combined with a Lattice-Boltzmann Fluid model for the simulation of debris flowseady (A. Leonardi, F.K. Wittel, M. Mendoza, H.J. Herrmann)

DAY 2, Tuesday, OCTOBER 1
Contact problems in geomechanics

Coordinators: E. Papamichos and J. Sulem

  • Experimental study of sand/steel interface with application to friction law (A. Corfdir, J. Schmittbuhl)
  • Experimental and numerical study of nail-rock interaction by pullout tests (A.N. Berntsen E. Papamichos)
  • Micro-indentation of an argillaceous limestone with a heterogeneous fabric (A.P.S. Selvadurai)
  • Inconsistencies of contact force models and impossible elasticity of 3D granular materials (B. Chareyre)
  • Role of interfaces in the analysis for aggregate size effects on mechanical strength of cement-based materials (C.F. Jin, Q.C. He, Q.Z. Zhu, J.F. Shao)

DAY 3, Wednesday, OCTOBER 2
Degradation in geomaterials
Coordinators: E. Bauer and A. Daouadji

  • Particle crushing, scale effects and delayed behaviour of rockfill. A DEM investigation (E. Alonso)
  • Numerical computations of chemo-mechanical coupling for CO2 geological storage (K. Wojtacki, J. Lewandowska, P. Gouze, A. Lipkowski)
  • Chemo-mechanical weathering of calcarenites: an experimental, theoretical and numerical study (M.O. Cianta, R. Castellanza, C. di Prisco, T. Hueckel, J. Fernandez)
  • The solid hardness – a key parameter for modelling the time dependent process of degradation of the grain stiffness of weathered and moisture sensitive coarse-grained soils and rockfills (E. Bauer)
  • Grain crushing in polydisperse granular media: focus on the cushionning effect (C. Voivret)
  • Soil-pile interface constitutive model for granular materials considering grain breakage in finite deformations (L. Berenguer-Todo-Bom, A. Modaressi)
  • Cosserat continuum approach to granular media & Plane couette shear (W. Huang)
  • Failure of brittle materials: discrete element and finite element approaches (G. Koval, B.D. Le, C. Chazallon, A. Daouadji)
  • Pressure dependent hyperelasticity coupled with damage: effect of damage modelling assumptions on elastic moduli degradation and plastic behaviour (S. Le Pense, A. Pouya, B. Gatmiri)
  • Coupling between damage and swelling in the callovo-oxfordian claystone (P. Delage, M. Mohajerani, H. Menaceur, N. Conil)
  • Failure of quasi-brittle materials modelled at the mesoscale: experimental and numerical analysis of the correlation during the damage process (V. Lefort, G. Pijaudier-Cabot, D. Grégoire, P. Grassi, L. Rojas Solanol)
  • Modelling rock permeability and retention properties during crack opening and closure (J.-M. Pereira, C. Arson)
  • Cohesive granular materials with non convex particles: application to O2 powder compaction (B. Saint-Cyr, F. Radjai, J.Y. Delenne, P. Sornay, E. Azema)
  • Specific surface energy in crushable granular material (C. Dano, C. Ovalle, P.-Y. Hicher)
  • Characterization of the strain localization in a porous rock in plane strain condition using true-triaxial apparatus (P. Lanata, P. Bésuelle)
  • Identification of enriched constitutive models for geomaterials in teh presence of strain localization (K. El Moustapha, P. Bésuelle, Y. Sieffert, R. Chambon)
  • Sensitivity analysis for constitutive parameters of S-clay1S model for soft clays (A.A. Lavasan, S. Miro, T. Schanz)

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