Session “Rock and soil mechanics” at ICEM16

The session “Rock and soil mechanics” as a part of the [GT1] symposium on Materials will be organized by Cino Viggiani and Michel Bornert at ICEM16 – 16th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics (Cambridge, England, July 7-11, 2014). ICEM16 will highlight novel and innovative research in Experimental Mechanics. The conference is organized by the British Society for Strain Measurement on behalf of the European Society for Experimental Mechanics.

The conference flyer is attached. Additional details may also be found at:
The objective of the session will focus on the recent developments and advances in testing of geomaterials (soils and rocks).

Interested authors should submit a 2 page abstract by November 1st 2013 via the ICEM website: Please include the session topic “rock and soil mechanics” and/or the names of the organizers (either Michel or Cino) with your [GT1] submission. Also, please forward a copy of the abstract to Michel Bornert and Cino Viggiani. Contributors to this session are only required to submit an abstract — full papers are not required.

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