A joint PhD position: Micromechanics of cemented granular materials

This PhD thesis will study the impact of cementation type and degree on the micro-processes induced during deformation of artificially cemented granular materials.

This work will initially focus on sand grains, which have been collected from naturally deformed/undeformed regions of an outcrop at Orange, France. Grains of different mineralogy, various sizes and roundness may be used at a later stage. The types of cementation of the artificial rocks will involve bio-cement (e.g. bacteria), brine precipitation and Portland cement of different classes (industrial). Deformation experiments will be carried out coupled with combined pre-, syn- and post- deformation experimental methods (x-ray CT, ultrasonic measurements, ESEM). Further analysis of these measurements will involve tracking of grain kinematics, strain maps, as well as porosity and permeability calculations during the deformation processes.
This is a joint-PhD position between the Institute of Petroleum Engineering (IPE), Heriot-Watt University and Laboratory 3SR, University of Grenoble. The successful applicant will spend time in both Universities. She or he will work under the supervision of Dr E.M. Charalampidou and Dr H. Lewis (IPE) as well as Dr E. Andò and Prof. G. Viggiani (3SR). This work will be funded by an IPE scholarship, which covers the tuition fees in both Universities and offers a stipend at RCUK rates. The PhD is for 36-42 months.
For more details, please see attached pdf.

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