PhD position: Cemented waste deterioration by sulphate attack: chemistry and effect on structural and mechanical properties

Candidates are sought for a PhD position in the field of experimental investigation aimed at improving phenomenological understanding of the chemistry of delayed ettringite formation (DEF) and of its effect on mineralogical, structural and mechanical properties of cemented waste forms. This is set in the context of cement-waste solidification/stabilization studies for radioactive waste disposal application. This is a joint PhD programme by SCK•CEN and ONDRAF/NIRAS in collaboration with Gent University, Belgium, under the mentorship of Prof. Nele De Belie. The potential candidates should hold a master’s degree preferably in material science (good knowledge of chemistry) or civil/structural or mechanical engineering and should preferably have an exposure to chemistry and mechanics. The position is open for European as well as international candidates (except restricted nationalities, which can be found in the SCK•CEN academy portal). An initial project proposal is available in the link below.

The *deadline* for receipt of application is *August 31, 2018*.

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